There’s been a fire in a block of flats in Nottingham

It was caught on camera

Raleigh Square flats on the corner of Raleigh and Gamble street in Radford caught fire at around 3:30pm yesterday.

Seven fire engines from different stations across the city were sent to the scene, as the blaze broke out on the top floor and eventually spread to the roof of the six-storey block.

Shane Byrne, a final year Criminology student lives across the road and caught it on camera. He said that hearing fire alarms isn’t particularly unusual, but when he heard people outside talking about a fire he looked out the window to see smoke coming from the building. By the time the fire crews arrived “the smoke had turned into visible flames which spread ridiculously quickly and the windows started cracking and falling towards the ground”. Some of the fire crews stayed until about 11pm carrying out what looked like safety procedures.

Residents are not currently allowed back into their flats, saying that the “whole black is full of water”.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service tweeted earlier: “Crews are currently dealing with a fire in an apartment block on Raleigh Street, Nottingham – please avoid if possible!”.

The fire is thought to have been extinguished just before 5pm, although firefighters then remained on the premises whilst an investigation is going underway to determine what the root of the cause is.