Over half of Trent students think consent classes should be compulsory

But only five per cent have actually been to them

In the Tab’s recent sexual assault survey, over half NTU respondents said that they thought sexual consent classes should be compulsory.

Over 420 Trent students and graduates responded to the Tab’s survey, with 51 per cent agreeing to the above statement.

42 per cent of Trent students also agreed, however, that the classes were patronising with only five per cent actually ever attending them. Two per cent of these people had walked out. This highlights that, whilst over half of Trent student believe the classes to be necessary, there is an issue with the way the classes are being run or perceived.

35 universities responded to the survey as Loughborough topped the list, with 60 per cent of respondents finding the classes patronising.

Last month, the Tab reported that Trent Student Union were launching a consent campaign soon and even released a video called Consent Is Everything.

On the NTSU website, the SU says: “In partnership with NTU, NTSU are hoping to increase knowledge about sexual consent; what it is, what it isn’t, giving it and getting it. The NTU Respect and Consent Working Group, consisting of both staff and students, was set up to look specifically at how to address issues around sexual consent and certain social cultures, which are prevalent across universities nationwide.”

The survey was conducted after a consent class at Cambridge University was left completely unattended and a Warwick student said he didn’t feel that consent classes were necessary, stating “I don’t have to be taught not to be a rapist”. You can read his argument piece here.