Meet the TikTokers going viral at Sussex University

Sussex’s very own answers to Charli D’amelio

With “lockdown 3” well underway, more time inside and less time going out, students have been making TikToks, racking up the follows, likes and comments. TikTok is currently the second most downloaded app, surpassing Facebook and Instagram. Anyone can go viral on TikTok and students from all over have gained popularity on the app. But how many people from Sussex have made it?

After many hours spent scrolling in the name of research, here are the TikTokers who go to Sussex Uni.

Justin English

Originally from the US, Justin has almost 15 million likes and over one hundred and thirty four thousand followers and is behind the username @gucamolethong. He can be found on your FYP speaking into a tiny microphone, a couple of his most popular videos include, finding out Jackie Weaver is a Tory, rating how scared I was to get death threats from fandoms, and a video about influencers travelling to Dubai during the pandemic.

Yelena Zylko

Yelena (@yelenazylko) has been named the most popular university TikToker, and her Brighton student house went viral when she jumped on the ‘things in my house that just make sense’ trend, currently sitting at 15.3 million views with 3.4 million likes. Yelena told the Sussex Tab:

“I make TikToks generally when I don’t want to focus on uni work, so I think that I will definitely be making more in the future and I love that they are able to resonate with so many people.”

Yelena has seventy thousand followers on TicTok and 4.2 million likes.


T, who studies primary teaching known on TikTok as @trippydevil often posts with their girlfriend and housemates, one of their most popular videos trying to find a housemate to join them has almost twenty three thousand views, and tbh they all look like the best housemates (they still haven’t found someone if your interested). They upload a wide range of TikToks such as LGBT content, thirst traps and more.

They told the Sussex tab they started it for fun and also hoped it would be popular but never thought they would actually do it.

T currently has thirty eight thousand followers, and nine hundred and six thousand likes.

Cleo Elana

Cleo Elana blew up on TikTok after doing a 6 part series on her recreating the famous sparkly boots from the musical Six, with part 1 getting a whooping nine hundred and fifty thousand views. She has made a video rating the signs in her university accommodation, cleaning her university flat amongst others.

Her TikTok username is @cleoelana and she currently has nineteen thousand followers.

Maddie, know as @aithusaofficial on TikTok uploads mainly musical theatre and jazz covers and has twenty four thousand followers on TicTok. Some of her most popular videos include Roles I auditioned for but didn’t get, Singing iconic songs from iconic films and If Britney Spears lived in the 1920s. She is extremely talented can also be found on YouTube as well as blessing your FYP with her vocals.

Mikaela Louise

Mikaela has seventy three thousand followers on TikTok and over 3.2 million likes. If you want to feel inspired for outfit ideas post lockdown then this is the account for you, from showing you the best of the lastest on Pretty Little Thing to showing a Hello Kitty camera, Mikeala has your whole aesthetic sorted. Her whole account is a vibe and will make you want to buy a whole new wardrobe.

She can be found on TikTok as @mikaelalouisee.

Up The Suss

Up The Suss (@upthesuss) has recreated THAT viral friend group TikTok, which has gained 1.1 million views. The account with almost seven thousand followers is jointly owned and looks like a fab flat to live in. The page’s bio describes the group as just a “bunch of clowns” and it looks like they are all having a laugh.

It’s time to finally admit you have a TikTok account and follow some fellow Sussex students. It’s ok we are all obsessed.