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How to survive winter in Brighton

Wind, rain and (hopefully) snow? BRING IT ON.

The nights are drawing in and the tourists are swarming out, but by no means are we Brighton students going into hibernation. Student life never sleeps, and we're not just talking about all-nighters in the library!

No need to spend the colder months hidden under a duvet binging Game Of Thrones again..winter may be coming, but we've got you cosy and covered with The Tab's student guide to staying warm, dry, delighted and drunk in B-town this season.

Where to get your winter kit

With temperatures tumbling, we're definitely regretting leaving most of our winter wardrobe at home; but it's heavy and a pain in the bum to lug onto the train!

So, when stocking up on the Brighton hipster's essential chunky knits, avoid the high prices and swarms of Christmas shoppers in Churchill Square's fast fashion district by going second hand.

Brighton is certainly not short of charity shops and London Road is basically one long strip of really great ones with shed-loads of variety. So why not wrap yourself up in student budget-friendly shabby chic finds whilst donating to some super important causes along the way?

Stay both cosy and kind, that's the Sussex way!

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Werk that winter wardrobe

Don't trek for your tipple

Hopping on the 25 for a night on the cold, wet town and don't want to put your hair or makeup at risk? Never fear! These pubs are just a hop, skip and a jump away from your drop-off point.

The Hobgoblin is just a three minute walk from St Peter's Church bus stop and with student drinks deals all week, both your hair and your wallet are safe. Hobby G's notoriously trendy beer garden also boasts outdoor heaters, so no need to freeze for some fresh air.

The Royal Pavillion Tavern, the student favourite in Castle Square with drinks deals every Monday and Thursday, is only two minutes' walk from Old Steine bus stop. So once you're off the bus, you'll be warm and w*nkered in no time!

If you're up for more of a hike, wouldn't an open fire and soft sofa just be the most welcome winter reward? The White Rabbit in the North Laines has you covered. And with festive drinks and quirky, artsy decor, it warms us Brighton hipsters from the inside-out and the outside-in.

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To coat or not to coat, that is the question

If you’re bravely venturing out-out and facing that age-old decision between practicality and style, we say: don’t leave your coat behind!

Nearly all Brighton clubs have a cloakroom, but we get it, most of us are too stubborn to fork out the extra couple of quid we’re saving for chips later. But here’s a hack: take one big backpack, stuff everyone’s jacket in and only pay once!

Even better? Patterns doesn’t charge for checked bags, so if you can’t survive the winter without your weekly dose of Donuts Tuesdays, you can stay warm outside and light on the dance floor for free!

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Wrap up or pay the soggy price

But if it's time to go home and your pockets are empty, coat or no coat, wrapped in the false warmth of a beer blanket or completely sobered up, don't try to trek home in this nasty winter weather!

Sussex Student's Union's 'Good Night Sussex' scheme means you can hop in a Brighton and Hove City Cabs taxi, flash your student ID card and pay in Falmer House the next day.

So whether you're feeling unsafe or it's just too damn cold to walk to the bus stop, don't worry about dosh. You'll be under that warm, dry duvet in no time.

Festive food

Ain't nothing like a good Sunday roast to warm the belly and soul at this time of year; It's basically a food group unto itself.

Falmer House serves up an epic and cheap roast on the weekly, with vegetarian and vegan options keeping everyone happy, full and warm.

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A winter walk on the Downs then a cheeky roast at Falmer? Yes please!

The wider community

Student woes aside, winter is the most difficult time of the year for Brighton's huge homeless population.

Whether you have some student loan left to donate or not, Brighton and Hove City Council have some really important advice on how all of us can do our bit to help out this season.