A day-by-day guide to Brighton’s drinks deals

Never pay full price for a drink

Buying a drink in Brighton is like buying a sofa from DFS or a kitchen from Magnet; there's always going to be a deal.

Here's list of the best drink deals from the best bars in town from Monday to Friday.


Quids @ Pav Tav

The Royal Pavilion Tavern, right next to Old Stein, runs a Quids night every Monday and Thursday with some of the cheapest drinks of the week, making it a perfect place to start your night.

The small but lively bar is a favourite among students offering £1.50 Carlsbergs, single vodka and single Bacardi mixers.

Carling, Coors Light, Strongbow, Captain Morgan's Dark/Spiced mixer single and Jack Daniels single cost £1.25.

Tequila and Sourz shots are £1.25 and Sambuca and Jagerbombs are £1.50.

The Joker

This student friendly pub at Preston Circus offer 15% off drinks every day of the week with a valid student card. Also available all day and all night on Mondays is their 2-4-1 prosecco deal, if you're feeling fancy.

Brighton Rocks

This quirky bar off St James Street has a 2 for £10 deal on their cocktail menu every Monday and Tuesday. The bar has different music every night and are hoping to be start a retro games evening soon.

As well as cocktails, Brighton Rocks has a full menu of food, craft beers, wines and ciders.

The Islingword Inn

The Islingword in the heart of one of Brighton's biggest student areas offers Fosters, Kronenberg, Strongbow, house ale, and house spirits and mixer for £2.50 on a Monday.

The pub also has the added bonus of a pool table which is free to use when you buy drinks.


The seafront's new science-based cocktail bar and club has exclusive drinks deals for students on a Monday night.

£1 J-bombs, £3.50 doubles, 2-4-1 cocktails, £5 fishbowls and free entry before 12.

Fat Poppadaddy's @ The Haunt

Fat Pops are one of Brighton's most renowned events companies with some of the best drinks deals. Monday nights at the Haunt cater to every music taste with some astoundingly cheap drinks.

Expect £1.50 single mixers, £2.50 double mixers, £1.90 bottles and 5 J-bombs for £5.

Trash Mondays @ Coalition

Drinks offers at Trash run all night making it the perfect place to prolong your weekend. Deals include £3.50 doubles, £2.50 pints of Amstel and £1.50 jagers.


Thank Font It's Tuesday @ The Font

This chapel-turned-watering hole is one of the biggest pubs in Brighton. Situated in the heart of the Lanes, it is a massive Tuesday night with some very cheap drinks.

£1.50 vodka mixers (Pepsi or lemonade), £1.75 pints of Carling, Coors and Strongbow, £1.25 bottles of Sol and shots of Sourz and £1.50 Jagerbombs, tequila and sambuca.

Tequila Tuesday @ Hobgoblin

For those of you who like your drinks strong, head to Hobgoblin between The Level and St Peter's Church for 99p shots of tequila all night.

As well as drinks deals, Hobgoblin has an escape room and a gourmet dough ball restaurant. What more could you want from a pub?

The Windmill

The Windmill is a cosy pub located on Upper North Street that sells a wide range of drinks and coffees. Tuesday night is their cask ale nights with pints priced at just £2.50.

If you're feeling peckish, head to The Windmill on a Monday for a free bowl of spaghetti bolognese with any drink purchased after 6pm.

C U Next Tuesday @ The Arch

As one of Brighton's biggest student nights, C U Next Tuesday is always a good night.

Drinks deals include £3 doubles and varying shots deals.

Donuts @ Patterns

Brighton's massive funk, soul, hip hop and electronic beats night has recently relocated to Patterns.

With £3 entry all night and drinks deals including £2.50 singles, £3.50 doubles, £3.00 pints, £2.00 shots it is affordable even on a student budget.


Lemon Wednesday @ Hobgoblin

Lemon Wednesdays at Hobgoblin is one of Brighton's more unique drink deals, perfectly in spirit with its host pub.

If you bring a lemon along with you (lemons cost about 35p), they'll exchange it for a free bottle of Corona. Seems like they're on the losing end of the swap.

Open Mic Night @ Brighton Rocks

Beer deals are available for anyone who signs up to play at Brighton Rocks' Wednesday night open mic. It's a great opportunity to get your music onto a stage and get some discounted bevs while you do.

Happy Hour @ Shuffle Bar

Shuffle Bar's 2-4-1 cocktail happy hour runs all night from Monday to Wednesday.

This fun bar has a eclectic menu of over 100 drinks, but it's USP is that drinkers get to choose the soundtrack of the night through their own smartphone.


The all night drinks promos at Casas every Wednesday are fantastic, but a mere shadow to the resident live band and its frontman Sammy Sarfas.

For cheap drinks and great tunes on a Wednesday night – Casas is the place to be.


The Islingword Inn

As well as student night on Monday, The Islingword has 2 drinks (Fosters, Kronenberg, Strongbow, house ale, and house spirits and mixer) for £5 (mix and match) all evening on a Thursday.

£2 Night @ Ye Olde King and Queen

Head to Brighton's biggest public house for £2 Fosters, Strongbow (Dark Fruit and Cloudy Apple), Morgan's spiced rum and mixer, peach schnapps and mixer, vodka and mixer, Smirnoff Ice, tequila, sambuca, VK blue and apple Sourz.

Candy Shop @ Hobgoblin

Hobgoblin's drinks deals continue on a Thursday with 99p flavoured vodka shots.

The flavours include pear drop, strawberries and cream, orange atomic fireball and cherry drop.

Secret Discotheque @ The Haunt

Fat Poppadaddy's Thursday night at the Haunt is always a fun one with classic throwback bangers and feel-good sing-a-long tunes.

For their Freshers event, £1 vodka mixers, bottled beers, shots and J-bombs will be available until midnight. Luckily the deals don't stop then with £1.50 single vodkas, £2.50 double vodkas and £1.90 bottled beers continuing throughout the night.

Midnight Funk Association @ Patterns

For those looking for their Thursday night funk fix, MFA at Patterns have you covered. Entry is a mere £3 and free if you get a membership card.

Before midnight, drinks deals are £2.50 spirit mixers, £2.00 shots of funk fuel and £2.50 beers/ciders.


Prosecco deals @ literally everywhere

Friday nights are for celebrating and what better way to do it than with a glass of fizz?

The Windmill – £3 glass of prosecco

The Joker – 2-4-1 prosecco between 4pm and 7pm

The Garden Bar – £2.50 glass of prosecco

The Font – £9.99 bottle of fizz

Friday I'm In Love @ Coalition

Fat Pop's final event of the week is held at Coalition and is always huge.

Drinks deals include £2 pints of Amstel, £2.25 rum mixers and £3.75 vodka and mixers. Get a double shot for just £1 extra.

Runway Friday @ Shooshh

This massive Friday night at Shooshh boasts £3 doubles and assorted shots deals which will keep you dancing all night.

Playhouse @ Bau Wow

New night at new club, Bau Wow, promises to be and exciting night with even more exciting drinks deals.

Expect £2.50 singles, £3.50 doubles, £1.50 J-bombs and £2 tequila and sambuca.

Loyalty cards

Coalition Loyal

A Coalition Loyal card gets you free guest list entry before 11pm, £1.50 jagerbombs, £1 fire eaters, £2.50 cocktails and £3.95 double vodka red bulls from Monday to Friday.

They cards are given out for free during September and October each year and then are just £3 for the rest of the year.


Walkabout cards are collectible from the bar at any time. They cost £3 when you show your student card and from then on, the card is all you need.

The card gets you £2 Smirnoff/Gordon's/JD/Morgans Spiced singles with mixer, £2.75 Heineken, £2 pints of snakebite, Carling and Strongbow, £1.85 VKs, £1.85 bottles of Fosters, 3 for £5 tequila, 3 for £5 sambucas, and £1 Wild shots.