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Sussex student who was bottled in October raises enough money for treatment

Yehsung Kim was maliciously bottled in the face back in October 2017 and suffered extreme dental damage, including a broken tooth.

Back in October of 2017, South Korean Sussex student Yehsung Kim suffered an attack on North Street after a man smashed a glass bottle in his face.

After months of fundraising through a Just Giving page created by Joe Cave, the total raised thus far is just under three times of the original goal. This meant that Yehsung Kim was able to fly back to South Korea and receive treatment, and is now able to continue his degree in International Development studies at Sussex.

The attack itself was undoubtedly one of a racial nature, a statement left on Facebook the victim's friend Minsu Jo stated "My friend [Kim] asked him why he has thrown the bottle him and then he answered 'Because you are fucking Asian'."

Since the attack took place, Kim suffered extreme dental damage, with one tooth broken and others remaining incredibly unstable as the beginning of the damage suffered.

Since then, two arrests have been made in connection to the attack itself, however they have yet to go to court. In the mean time, Cave has been hard at work fundraising to help Yeshung Kim whilst he recovers both mentally and physically from the damage of the attack.

Yesterday, Cave wrote a post to inform the people of Brighton of the immense success of his fundraising campaign on behalf of Yeshung Kim.

"Some of you may remember the story last year of the Korean Student who was the unfortunate victim of a racially motivated attack on the streets of Brighton." Cave wrote.

"Yehsung Kim was hit in the face with a champagne bottle and suffered the loss of a tooth and other dental damage as a result of the attack.

"The mobile footage that captured the attack went viral and off the back of that I managed to launch a crowd funding campaign to raise funds towards Yehsung's dental treatment.

"After donations from Brighton residents and many others from around the country and also Korea over £3000 was raised.

"I just wanted to let everyone know that as a result of the fund raising Yeshung was able to fly back to South Korea to receive the treatment to his teeth. (Dental treatment in Korea is a lot cheaper so this was the better option)

"The exact costs of the flights and treatment came to just over £3000 and Yeshung is very grateful for all those who showed their support and all those who donated."

Cave continued, by stressing the impact that this has had on Kim over the last few months.

"Although he is still trying to overcome the mental and physical impact of the attack he is feeling much more positive about his future and realises although there are some bad people around the majority of people are good and the residents of Brighton do not tolerate racism and in fact stand against it. The criminal case is yet to go to court but we are hoping for a conviction for his attackers. Thank you Brighton."