Two Sussex students have launched a carnival-themed night at Mono

Why not head on down?

On October 9th, two Sussex students will be launching the first in a series of carnival inspired nights at one of the more renowned small venues in Brighton – Mono.

Tropicalé, a joint venture from Sussex students Sam Clouston and Marko Marincic, takes inspiration from brands such as Gypsy Disco – that graced both Concorde 2 and The Arch a couple of years ago – and Elrow. The boys have stated that they will decorate Mono’s tunnel ‘as vibrantly as possible’, adding a bubble machine and confetti cannons to spruce up proceedings.

Speaking to Marko, he commented:

“All too often it feels as though one must sacrifice musical preference for high production values across clubs in the UK and beyond. Sure we’ve got bubble parties, foam parties, zoo parties, and loads of other themes.

“However, more often than not, the soundtrack that accompanies these nights are picked straight from the Top 40 which, don’t get me wrong, is fine with those of us that like this kind of thing, but what about everyone else? Some nights in Brighton dedicate themselves to more underground and thoughtful line-ups, whilst simultaneously adding a decorative theme to the night and it always goes down well.

“It proves that when it works, it really does work. Providing a visual memory that exceeds a simple flickering dance floor, that excites the eyes just as much as it does the ears. Tropicalé will hopefully slot right in there, putting a huge emphasis on both music and production; immersive décor, bubbles, confetti, alongside a carefully curated line-up.”

Headlined by established Brighton figure KXVU,  Tropicalé sets out to showcase some of Sussex’s own DJs and producers. Hamdi (Alexander Hamdi) and Zero (Christian Williamson), who are in first and third years respectively, are two rising stars of the thriving UK Bass community.

Both have numerable releases on successful imprints such as Southpoint and Saucy and are tipped for very big things in the not so distant future. Zero, for instance, has recently supported such highbrow artists as Flava D and DJ Zinc; using his degree in Music Technology to add an extra dimension to his productions.

Rounding off the line-up are Womba b2b Mears, and Baloo b2b Movement. The latter are Marko and Sam themselves, if you were at the Sussex Festival last week, you no doubt would’ve seen these guys smash the Hidden Forest stage.

Described as being “a night that will break traditional conceptions of the clubbing experience” Tropicalé will turn Mono into a carnival-themed underground playground with bubbles, confetti and numerous inflatables flying everywhere.

Sussex University has an amazing array of music talents so go and support your university’s thriving community of DJs, producers and promoters. Tickets are available on the door at £3 a pop if you get down before 12. Be sure to check out their Facebook so you can get on the guestlist.