Fresher Diaries: Sussex freshers rock the block at West Street

West Street was taken over

As freshers week storms on, the SU hosted a wide variety of events on Monday following the amazing Sussex festival.

The day was jam packed with fun games and yet more booze – here's what went down…

The Escape Room made for a great chance for freshers to work as a team

The Escape Room in Falmer House was a myriad of puzzles designed as a bonding exercise for freshers and their new friends. This team building task catered for students who may want an alternative way to get to know their new friends aside from events just focusing on drinking.

The aim of the game was to escape as quickly as possible given the clues and hints within the room set up like a typical halls room – it made for a great alternative to other events that the SU has hosted so far. 

The Traders Night showed off the best Brighton booze

Traders night at East Slope showcased the best beverages that Brighton has to offer. Samples of Tuaca, Sea Cider, Brighton Gin and Bison Beer were all available to try and purchase for those opting for a fancier drink than the SU's snakebite.

Bison Beer currently features a shop in the Lanes and told us of plans on expanding to Hove where they will opening a bar/shop hybrid, featuring 10% student discount; a great stop for any ale lovers.

The Scavenger Hunt helped Sussex newbies find their way round campus

In Library Square the SU had organized a scavenger hunt, featuring a variety of zany and whacky tasks for freshers to complete. The event was created to help ease freshers on to campus life and becoming familiar with the grounds. 

With tasks like "Find the phone box at East Slope" and "Find the round hut in the Northfield field", the hunt was a quick fire way for freshers to get to know the ins and outs of Sussex.

Block Party showed the best of Brighton's bars

Monday nights' West Street, Brighton was rammed with Sussex freshers experiencing their first taste of the biggest venues the city has to offer. Sussex SU teamed up with seven venues including PRYZM, Revolution, Yates, Walkabout, The Globe, Boutique, Steinbeck & Shaw, and Synergy, inviting 2000 students to embark on a late night bar crawl.

Beginning in Yates, students travelled from bar to bar all along West Street, finishing up in PRYZM, and it was definitely a hit. The event gave students the chance to familiarise themselves with Brighton's nightlife, with all-night drink deals, and live DJs and entertainment to dance the night away.

So how did Monday play out overall?

There was plenty to do during the day whilst many nursed their heads from the night before. For those looking for a bit extra, the block party was a really good chance for students to 'officially' head into town. Whilst West Street will probably become a place to avoid for freshers as their time at Sussex goes on, it nevertheless is the place to start you Brighton adventure.

We hope people went to Cheeky Chicken or Buddies afterwards, otherwise you definitely didn't have the full Brighton night out experience.