Wash your hands for 20 seconds then vote for Soton’s most eligible bachelor

Perfect brews, a new kind of BNOC and an actual seal

Without further ado, I present to you HEAT ONE of Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2020!

Now, I spent my Saturday reading through your submissions whilst sat in Coffee #1 and not only did it very nicely distract me from pressing deadlines, you humoured me well.

However, I would like to very quickly add, if you’ve graduated, you’re unlikely to succeed in our prestigious award. Dennis McNennis, I see you.

On with the lads…

Ben, Marine Biology

When asked why Ben was an eligible bachelor, his friends told us the lad has been single too long, given how much of a catch he really is. Don’t we love those friends who call you “lovely” and “underrated”?

To add to his appeal, Ben cares about the environment – peep his Insta for pics of him with ACTUAL seals.

For an ideal date, Ben said bowling and drinks. I’d definitely rather the bowling first…

Alfie, History and Politics

Tall, blonde and handsome, Alfie is somewhat already a hit with the ladies. However, what many don’t know is that Alfie is an eligible bachelor in the best way possible: He loves a bit of fancy dress. Got a cute couples costume idea? Alfie is GAME.

When asked if he’d make a girl a cuppa in the morning by his house, he said of course AND would ask how she liked it first. What a gent!

Alfie is a traditional kind of guy (sometimes going as far as calling himself Alfred). He likes going for a good ol’ drink with a date and maybe even a restaurant.

Tom, Chemistry

Now, you might think there would be an obvious joke to make for Tom, somewhat along the lines of liquorice, “love it or hate it”. However, Tom instead described himself as a BNOC, “big nose on campus”. You know what they say about funny guys…

Tom told us his ideal first date would be a class ol’ Ocies Wednesday.

Unlike Tom, we thus far forgot to mention he plays lacrosse… I guess that means good coordination?

Don’t forget, nominations are still open and all is to play for. Click here to get nominating!

There we have it! Our entries for the first heat of Eligible Bachelor 2020. Now it’s time to vote for who you think should win Heat One and go through to the final:

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