Newcastle SU to stop playing Kanye West’s music in Luther’s following anti-semitism

‘We don’t allow our channel to be used as a platform for artists that commit any form of hate speech’

Newcastle University Students’ Union bar Luther’s has removed Kayne West from their playlist after he made multiple antisemitic comments online.

The music streaming service, Sub TV, that Newcastle SU uses to play music in its student bar confirmed that it has removed Kanye West’s music from its app, panel and weekly schedule.

Sub TV said that it “feels strongly against the values exressed by Kanye” and that it does not tolerate “any form of hate speech”.

The American rapper has made a string of antisemitic and racist comments online as well as at Paris Fashion Week. Kanye wore a t-shirt to a fashion week event with the slogan “White Lives Matter” printed on it. He then went on to tweet, he would go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”.

Kanye has now been suspended from Twitter after tweeting, “I love Hitler” along side an image that appeared to be a swastika and the Jewish Star of David. Elon Musk said this “violated [Twitter’s] rule against incitement to violence”, and confirmed that Kanye’s account would be banned.

Located downstairs in NUSU, Luther’s is not the first venue to dissafiliate from Kanye’s music, following in the footsteps of big brands such as Adidas, who ended their partnership with Kanye in October and described the rapper’s recent comments as “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous”.

Alex Ogden from Sub TV said: “We want our student audience to know that we don’t allow our channel to be used as a platform for artists that commit any form of hate speech.”

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