Newcastle University Students have raised over £20,000 for Movember this month

A look into all the amazing things students have done to support men’s health this November


Last year the Movember Foundation raised over £14.1 million for men’s health, the charity is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide throughout the month of November. The movement traditionally includes men ditching the razor for the month of November and donning moustaches in the name of men’s health, this year, however, Newcastle Students have been very creative in their fundraising and participated in a wide range of fun activities to support men’s health and raise funds and awareness for Movember.

Newcastle University has sold over 800 Movember T-shirts, facilitated 20 Movember events and collectively raised over £20,000 so far for Movember, we spoke to Movember Ambassador Harry Cleary, age 24, about what the charity means to him.

Harry told The Newcastle Tab: “I’m proud to represent Movember as they lead the way in men’s health, stopping men from dying too young is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at Movember, we strive every day to save and improve the lives of all the men in our life and stop them from suffering in silence

“Movember means absolutely everything to me, so the contribution from everyone at Newcastle University has been incredible for me to see this year, I look forward to working with Movember for many years to come and I’m excited to see what the next student ambassadors can bring to the community at Newcastle University.”

We’ve rounded up some of the best fundraising efforts from Newcastle clubs and societies, finding out what they have been up to, what Movember means to them, and how their taches are looking!


Newcastle Universities Ski and Snowboarding club hosted a Movember run this month where 25 runners ran over seven miles all the way to Tynemouth, finishing the challenge with a BBQ and beers on the beach!

An NUSSC spokesperson said: “Movember is a really important cause as men’s mental health is often overlooked despite the fact that 80% of all suicides are men, there’s an awful culture around the idea that men can’t speak about their problems and its important for men to know they can.

“Through the run and other fundraising efforts this term we have raised over £1000 for Movember which we are really pleased with, but sets us a target to beat next year.”

To donate to NUSSC’s Mo-Space click here

Engines RUFC 

Newcastle University’s intermural Engines Rugby team evidently donned some impressive moustaches this month and managed to raise an impressive £911 for Movember.

In a statement to the Newcastle tab, the Engines said: “Movember represents so much more than just a chance to grow a moustache, it reminds the boys that actually, we aren’t always how we might seem at rugby, Movember serves as a brutal reminder of the real world.

“It allows us to have the chance to check on our friends mental health and our own physical health without weird awkwardness that might normally come with asking your mate from rugby how they are doing, Movember saves lives and there is no charity we would rather work with”.

To donate to The Engines RUFC Mo- space click here 

Newcastle Northern Angels

Newcastle Universities Cheerleading club hosted their ‘Bring a boy’ charity training session to raise funds and awareness for Movember this month. The session allowed members of the club to bring along boys to a special training session where they got the chance to experience everything cheerleading has to offer.

The Northern Angels said, “We think Movember is such an important charity to support and even though cheerleading is a predominantly female-dominated sport its important to remember that men’s health is something which effects all of us and something we should all support.

“We are always encouraging more boys to join the club and a lot of the boys from the Bring a Boy session had lots of potential.”

Donate to The Northern Angels Mo-Space here


Another great effort from the ladies – Newcastle University Ladies Hockey Club have raised over £920 for men’s health this month and proved that you ‘don’t have to grow to save a bro!’

They had a joint Movember social where they wore NULHC X Movember T-shirts, Hockey shorts and moustaches and said, “we will continue to wear our tops at training throughout the year to continue to raise awareness.

“Having strong ties with the men’s hockey club we feel the importance of promoting men’s mental health as being something drastically overlooked.”

To donate NULHC click here

Harry Cleary, Jack Baker, Sean Bartlem and Angus Reid 

Harry, Jack, Sean and Angus embarked on the ultimate challenge of walking Hadrian’s Wall (140km) in just 48 hours for Movember this month!

Harry told us, “It was undoubtedly the toughest physical and mental challenge of my life, and some of the lads still can’t walk right 2 weeks later.

“It has sparked so many conversations with people around Newcastle University about their personal struggles and these conversations along with the thousands we raised made every bit of the pain and suffering worth it.

“We look forward to seeing what we can come up with next year.”

To donate to the boys click here

Law Blacks RFC

Newcastle’s intramural law rugby team, The Law Blacks attended the Blanc Movember social along with NURFC, NULHC, NUWLC, NMRFC and the Armstrong RFC last night, who all raised loads of money for Movember.

One of the players said: “Movember is an important cause to us as a club due to the stereotypes connected to rugby which can often prevent men from talking about their problems, its something we really try to reinforce within the club and Movember is a great way to remind all of our members about the importance of mens health.

“It was great to be part of the social last night, alongside so many other great clubs, all raising loads of money for Movember.”

To donate to the Law Blacks click here

Newcastle has clearly done Movember right, well done to everyone who has been part of the Movember movement.

Although it’s sadly time to say goodbye to the Taches, we need to remember that men’s health is important all year round so keep checking up on your mates, opening up the conversations, and raising awareness and funds for men’s health as we enter December and 2023.

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