Eight reasons why you should stay in Newcastle for summer

Thinking of spending summer in the Toon? If not, here are some reasons why you definitely should


As the academic year comes to an end, many students are starting to head home for the summer, whether to see family or because they’ve ran out of loan from too many Deliveroo orders and Trebs. However, many students opt to stay in the city, and with the all important June 21st club opening date on the horizon, it’s easy to see why. If you still need convincing, here are the eight reasons to stay in the Toon this summer.

The return of clubs

Since it has been well over a year since we’ve all had a proper night out, we all have to make up for lost time and with the return of events such as Swingers and Oops, not to mention all of the other clubs we know and love. We’re all well overdue a night of dancing, getting way too drunk and kissing someone we regret. Who could miss out?

Tinnies in Exhibition Park

A perfect way to enjoy the sunshine is to grab a couple of cans and a picnic blanket and make a day of it in Exhibition Park. A great opportunity to socialise with your friends and have a drink but not break the bank if you’ve already skinted yourself from nights out earlier in the week. You can even bring a football, rugby ball or even a rounders set and have a run around.

The Metro

A bit of a weird one, but the Metro provides easy access to the coast and parts of the North East you might not have explored. So if you are ever bored of Newcastle (why you ever would be though is baffling), you can have a fun day out somewhere else.


Speaking of days out, there are some amazing beaches just outside of Newcastle which are all a metro ride away. Tynemouth remains the most popular location, as it has so much to do. You can hire surf boards if you want to brave the cold North Sea waters, or you can just chill and walk along the beach with some chips. They even have a market on Weekends selling food and other cool bits such as records and clothes.

The Quayside

It’s always a good day out visiting The Quayside for the market but it also has a lot more to offer. The Quayside Seaside allows you to soak up the sun in deckchairs, without the effort of going to an actual beach, not to mention the many bars and pubs where you can enjoy a scenic pint overlooking the river.

Jobs and internships

Sadly, staying up in Newcastle isn’t always fun and games, with many of us having jobs or summer internships which keep us in the city. But hey, at least you can get yourself some decent work experience, not to mention a way of funding all those trips to the clubs and beer gardens.

Beer Garden Summer

Not that we’ve ever let the usual Newcastle rain put us off but beer gardens in summer hit differently. Three months of not having to huddle underneath a heater or wrap up in big puffer coats is just what we all need after not going abroad in over a year and with pints being so cheap in the Toon, it won’t break the bank.

Spending time with friends

To end on a more sentimental note, a very important reason to stay up here is to spend time with your mates. Whether you’re in first year maintaining the bonds you’ve made, or a final year student hoping to see all the lifelong friends you’ve made before you all go your separate ways, summer with your friends is unmatched.

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