We spoke to the ex Newcastle students behind TREB, the city’s latest alcohol venture

TREB was released in local stores and delivery services in Newcastle last week

If you know anything about Newcastle, most likely one of the first things that springs to mind is the nightlife scene and party culture it is notorious for. After all, Newcastle is always up there in the top party city rankings every year. With the city notorious for trebles bars, boujee cocktails and Geordies on the smash, it is no wonder the cities newest entrepreneurs Wes and Arthur have taken Jesmond and its surrounding areas by storm recently with their new business venture.

TREB was launched in Newcastle last week and has since found it impossible to keep up with the demands of customers, with the product continuously selling out in their stockists over the last few days. Essentially, their first launch is a treble shot of vodka, coming in at 8.5%, paired with the unique blue mixer that Newcastle students can’t seem to get enough of all inside an aesthetic blue tin.

When speaking to them about their brand, Wes and Arthur told us they had met during their masters in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Newcastle and the idea came at a perfect time as they entered the world of business as part of their degree. Wes told us that they decided to launch TREB as they understood the importance and love of nightlife had by students across the city, and felt there was no better way to represent it than making the infamous blue treb come to life in a can. Blue treb tinnies for pres before more trebs at Shaker? It’s a yes from us.

While TREB has initially been launched across various delivery methods such as Fancy and Dial a Drink, you can also find the blue lushness in most local convenience stores across the student capitals of Jesmond and Sandyford, including Mr V’s, Rehills and Chillingham Wines. The TREB boys told us they’re simply overwhelmed with the increasing demand they’ve seen so far, with them telling us to encourage customers to let them know where to stock or to simply ask for them in local stores.

The launch saw TREB selling out both online and in stores within hours and the reviews have been pretty good too, hence why you’ve probs seen these blue cans all over your insta feed recently. “We’ve heard many people tell us that the flavour is pretty much spot on to what you’d expect and that three shots have never tasted so good”.

In terms of the future, TREB revealed that they hope to stock in most stores around Newcastle, as well as in nightclubs and bars. They eventually hope to become a UK-wide brand with a whole range of TREBs in colour-based flavours.

You can learn more about TREB and the boys behind the brand at their instagram: @treb_uk