Jesmond Tesco has sold out of loads of essentials amidst coronavirus lockdown concern

Students are on the stockpiling hype

Jesmond Tesco has run out of a range of essential items as students, along with the rest of the country, begin to prepare for the possibility of the UK being put into lockdown.

Carbs are first on the list with almost all pasta and rice being sold out. The shelves, previously filled with the finest spaghetti and basmati, lie bare. After all, we all know pasta is a students best friend so it’s absence is unsurprising.

Next, we have a void where toilet roll was previously piled high. There is NOT ONE ROLL left which is concerning for those who are on their last few sheets and haven’t stocked up. There’s also a sign which states that when it is available, you’re not allowed to buy it all.

It says: “To give everyone access to essential items this product is now limited to two per customer”.

The same sign is seen on a number of items including bottled water and anti-bacterial spray and wipes.

Painkillers are also running low, with many being fully sold out. People are presumably thinking ahead to if they did become infected with Covid-19.

This all comes after Northumbria Uni moved all teaching online and Newcastle Uni announcing it will remain open at the moment but is putting plans in place should teaching need to become remote.