Newcastle Uni confirm it will remain open following further spread of coronavirus

Teaching and exams are set to continue

Newcastle University have confirmed to The Newcastle Tab that it plans to stay open as there is no confirmed cases of Coronavirus on campus at this point in time.

They have also said that at the moment, summer graduation ceremonies will go ahead but that they are watching the rapidly changing situation.

A Newcastle Uni spokesperson told The Newcastle Tab: “At this time, we do not have any confirmed cases of Covid-19 on campus.

“However, the situation is changing rapidly and we recognise this is an uncertain and worrying time for all our staff and students.”

They have stated that they are following guidance issued by Public Health England and that “the university continues to operate as normal while taking every precaution to limit the spread of the virus within our community.”

The statement continued by saying: “The University’s Emergency Management Team continues to meet frequently and is also working closely with our city partners so we can respond quickly to any developments.

They have also stated that they understand the pressure and worry about potentially shutting the university.

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“We know there is particular concern about what might happen if the University is forced to close temporarily or to limit gatherings that could affect teaching and exams.

“Currently, the plan is to deliver teaching and exams as scheduled. However, we are also making contingency plans to minimise the academic impact of a coronavirus outbreak.

“We have established a Covid-19 Academic Group who are developing plans to deliver our classes and lectures remotely if the situation escalates.

“We are also working hard to develop multiple contingencies for the examinations themselves to ensure that no students are disadvantaged while ensuring we maintain our high academic standards and integrity.”

They have said they will notify students if anything changes.

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