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How to do a fancy Newcastle night out on a budget

Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget

1. Drinks deals are key

2 for 1 deals are the best way to get your money’s worth from the super expensive cocktails. These deals mean you can feel extra special without upsetting your bank account too much.

What drinks deals are there?
Las Iguanas have 2 for 1 cocktails all day everyday so you can indulge and not feel too bad.

Revolution cards mean you can enjoy two for one all day every day, but they do have happy hour which has 2 for 1 between 5-7pm Monday-Friday.

Revolution de Cuba have 2 for 1 Cocktails 3-7pm on a weekday, making it hard to resist.

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2. Student discount

Make use of the fact people know you are poor. Restaurant’s understand the student struggles but we can use this to our advantage and make the most of the student discount.

What discounts can I get?
Zizzi’s have 30% off Sunday – Thursday

Revolution even have 25% off food and drink when you order at the bar.

3. Go when it is happy hour!

Most places have food deals early on in the night so why not make the most of happy hour and get some discounted scran to feel extra fancy.

What discounts can I get?

Enjoy two courses for £13 or three for £15 at places like Pleased To Meet You between 12-7pm.

This means you basically get two courses free, what’s not to love?

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4. Be fancy on a week night not the weekend

As you may have noticed most of the really good discounts are during the week but that is perfect. You’re a student anyway so you really don’t have to worry about getting up early the next morning. As well as that, you won’t have to queue and you can take all the shameless selfies and pictures of your scran without anyone looking.

Most places have deals during the week (Miller and Carter date night)

5. Dress up!

Get all your glad rags on and go all out. Nothing screams fancy night out like a little black dress, so go and show everyone just how fancy you are (even if you are going to Maccies after your 2 for 1 cocktail).

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6. Get a cheap bottle of wine and pretend you’re classy

Who cares if it only cost a fiver?! It's wine and that's fancy. You can pose with your glass to your hearts content and no one will know you don’t even like a cheeky bottle of red. So ditch the trebs and get on that Pinot Grigio!

7. Go somewhere that is Instagram friendly

The perfect fancy night out most definitely includes some Instagram snaps so get yourself somewhere with the prettiest décor to make you feel extra boujee.

Where can I go?
Market Shaker is the holy grail of pretty backdrops with lots of neon signs and funky artwork meaning you will be able to feel extra special.

The Botanist has the most beautiful rooftop bar giving you the best sights of the toon while you sip your mega fancy cocktail.

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8. Plan ahead

If you want to go to a big event in Newcastle, first release tickets are very student friendly. Last minute nightclub tickets can get very expensive so it’s good to see what’s on in Newcastle in advance. Treat yourself to a night out that only cost a fiver when buying tickets in advance. You'll save so much money than if you were to buy on the day of.

Good things don’t always come to those who wait.

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