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Trick or treat for the hungry: Meet the Newcastle University students helping those less fortunate this Halloween

You can help too!

Ah Halloween. A season which we all feel fuzzy about. Whether that be from from pumpkin carving with your pals or going out in fancy dress and getting absolutely steaming.

'Trick or treating' may be a tradition long gone as a university student, but this year it's coming to Jesmond and Heaton, all in aid to support food banks.

Adam Kinneen, a Newcastle University Economics student and his friend Luke Barrett have decided this year to 'trick or treat for the hungry.'

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Adam pictured second on the right with some university pals

The initiative is reflected upon the idea that around Halloween we waste an average of 18,000 tonnes of food, here in the UK alone.

Deciding to fight against that, Adam and Luke came up with the initiative to collect food on Halloween night across Newcastle.

In a 'trick or treat' style of event, Adam and the rest of his team will be collecting the food which will be donated to the Newcastle East Food Bank on Friday morning. A fundamental organisation with roots to the Trussel Trust, who manage over 1,200 food banks in the UK.

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Speaking to The Tab Newcastle, Adam described how since moving here for university from Northern Ireland, he's noticed how generous and helpful the people of Newcastle are.

Adam said that, "the attitude toward helping others in this city is second to none and the response from people who have heard the idea has been unbelievable."

He also said that the initiative has turned into a large scale project across both Jesmond and Heaton, describing it as, "quite the operation!"

With over 2,000 food banks now in operation across the UK, he said he's thrilled with how the people of the North East are, "so forthcoming in supporting these fundraising events."

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This Halloween, why not ditch the club and help out some of those who really need it this season.

So how can you help?

If you want to maybe ditch pres and meet your pals in Swingers, you can help with Adam's efforts by getting in touch with Adam himself on Facebook. You can also join the Facebook group they have set up, here.

Or, if that doesn't suit, canned food and sanitary items are very welcomed across food banks, so pop into Waitrose today after uni and why not give back to those who need it.