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Meet the Northumbria student on this season of Take Me Out

No likey, no lighty

Third year Northumbria Business student Olivia will feature in the starting line up for Take Me Out Season 11 which starts tonight at 7:15pm on ITV1.

The Newcastle Tab spoke to Olivia to find out what it was really like.

What made you apply for the show?

I try to say yes to everything, plus I'm from Leeds and everyone just dates everyone. I fancied a change of scene and to try something different, although I do love a Yorkshire accent!

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What was Paddy like?

He was so nice! Meeting him was so nostalgic for me, I watched him on Max and Paddy when I was younger so I was really fangirling when I met him, I had to proper calm myself down. But he's exactly like he is on the show like he is in real life.

Do you stay in touch with the girls from the show?

Yes we're all crazy! There are so many girls from up and down the country, we have met up for nights out and catch ups which is nice. All the Northern girls meet up in Leeds for drinks! Now the show is coming out we are all closer than ever.

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What was your mum's reaction when you told her you were going to be on Take Me Out?

She was so shocked she actually cried when I told her, but she's just protective like most mums! I hadn't been single for very long so she wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. She is so excited now and has told everyone at home about it, even the nurse knew when my Grandma went for a flu jab.

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How do you pick the outfits for such an occasion?

I really wanted to be a bit different, I have such an eratic style but I wanted to show all my different moods. Also needed stuff that made me look tall of course.

What were you looking for in someone that came down the lift?

I would always spy the hands first, I think it says a lot about you, always check the finger nails, but can so easily be over groomed. But I was looking for a boy who had something about them.

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What would be your lift song?

I'm really into R&B so probably some old school Usher to get everyone hyped.

Who is your celeb crush?

Someone who is up for a good laugh, so I'd go for James Corden's personality in Idris Elba's body.

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What's your Newcastle night out of choice?

Got to be Soho.

Fave takeaway?

Bigg Market Chippy hands down, Munchies is overrated. I get cheesy garlic bread or cheesy chips.

Make sure you tune in tonight on ITV1 at 7:15pm to find out if Olivia bags herself a date and a trip to Fernando's.