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A round of up of the best posts from ‘Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange’ this term

If you’re not in this group, you’re missing out

Lost your ID? Castle Leazes Ticket Exhange. Looking for a housemate? Castle Leazes Ticket Exchange. Want to buy a discounted train ticket to Peterborough leaving tomorrow? CASTLE LEAZES TICKET EXCHANGE!

It truly has the answer to all your problems. And among the many posts of people searching for new housemates and lost bank cards, it is a gold mine of hilarious content. So here is a round up of this terms best posts from Castle Leazes Ticket Exhange:

What happened Imogen??

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I may just be extremely nosey , but I really want to know who this is and what they could have possibly done to ruin Imogen's birthday.

The stolen Canada Goose jacket

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This has potential to be a modern day Cinderella moment: Guy meets girl in soho, she steals his Canada Goose jacket, when she finally gives it back they live happily ever after!

#findAJ !!

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Okay, this one is more likely to end in happily ever after. This guy claims to get up early to watch his valentine walk past his window every morning. Hopeless romantic or slightly stalker-ish? Up to interpretation.

Just a wholesome board game player

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Among all the hungover folk who have lost their bank cards and ID's, there is some wholesome content in the Ticket Exchange.

The Croc seller

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Student life is tough and sometimes the bank does suffer, but this guy has the right idea. Although some of his clothing choices are questionable, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Silly freshers

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Ah, what better way to feel better about your life than hearing how terribly someone else's night has gone. You think you had a bad night? I am sure this silly fresher had a worse one.

The terrifying torso delivery…

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I am sure there are many reasonable justifications for a person getting a naked torso delivered (to the wrong address), but sometimes your mind can sometimes only assume the worst.


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What a genius way to get out of paying flares entry! Why didn't I think of this? Paying for entry is a waste when you only ever last 3 cheesy songs then you hear the opening to 'Come on Eileen' and decide it's time to leave.

Is this a threat?

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I mean, I don't know about Miss E K Johnson but I am honestly not sure I'd want that card back.

Get that bread

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Again, another wholesome post. A great way to avoid food wastage and share to those who may need it. Or maybe this person hasn't heard of just freezing the bread.

We love a Marks and Spencer kitten heel

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I think maybe the seller is targeting the wrong demographic here. We hope she found someone to buy her lovely marks and spencer shoes – perfect for a Friday night in Soho.

Snow laughing matter

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Although it is a massive dick move, it is also an impressive sized snow-boulder considering the amount of snow we got.