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NUSU elections: Here are the Welfare and Equality Officer candidates 2019

Still unsure who to vote for?

It's time to vote for the new Welfare and Equality Officer and these lot have some pretty important ideas that could make a real difference to life on campus. Get voting!!

Alana Barnett

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Studies: Psychology

Key points from her manifesto:

1. Creating a Mindfulness Training Scheme where interested students and staff can learn the art of mindfulness and how to help others who may need to work on their mental wellbeing. This would be targeted at EVERYBODY because all students can benefit from the positive effects of mindfulness.

2. Introduce an annual memorial service for Newcastle students who have lost their lives at university to ensure that they are never forgotten

3. Set up an individual booking system for students to arrange appointments with me so that they have the opportunity to talk to me about any problems or concerns they may have.

4. I will aim to provide sanitary facilities in male toilets.

5. I will aim to introduce a section on the Newcastle University app called ‘What to do when…’ where students can gain immediate access to tips on how to help someone in different situations (e.g. panic attack).

Alana says:

“I am extremely passionate about ensuring that all students feel supported during their time at University. I believe that I have the skills and experience to enable that to happen!”

Campaign video:

You can watch Alana's campaign video here and read her full manifesto here.

Charlotte Boulton

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Studies: Media, Communication and Cultural Studies

Key points from her manifesto:

1. Improve welfare training for all personal tutors to include mental health awareness
and disclosure training.

2. Create sexual consent and support information leaflets for Freshers packs and

3. Improve PEC forms fairness and sensitivity for all students, focusing on unfair bereavement and medical evidence requirements.

4. Lobby for more mental health funding and more support from Student Wellbeing
when counselling sessions end.

5. Ensure all campaigns are inclusive for all marginalised groups e.g. LGBT+ sexual
health information in S.H.A.G week.

6. Provide support during midterm exams and assessments, extending the successful
SOS campaign beyond January and May.
Students campaign to provide smaller-scale support during midterms, such as providing free food, destressing activities and reminders of the importance of taking breaks.

Charlotte says:

“I am the most qualified person to be Welfare & Equality Officer – I’m already NUSU’s Marginalised Genders Officer so have real experience in running campus-wide campaigns and engaging with students, alongside holding multiple committee positions in important liberation societies and getting involved in just about everything at the union! I have real plans, not just vague ideas, that I know are achievable and will truly benefit all students, focusing on everything from mental health and equality to affordability and campaigns. If you want someone experienced, confident and passionate, Vote Char #1!”

Campaign video:

You can watch Charlotte's campaign video here and read her full manifesto here.

Sara Elkhawad

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Studies: English Literature

Key points from her manifesto:

1. Increasing integration through hosting events such as an International Food Fair/ Multidisciplinary Art Showcase which would support students to share their traditions with other students.

2. Bring in more minority renowned speakers in Black History Month/ LGBT+ Week/Disability Awareness Week.

3. Providing alternative mental health schemes: encourage students to take up the arts as a form of therapy through setting up free, student led workshops on campus for any student of all artistic abilities to try out.

4. Implementing compulsory sexual consent sessions in Fresher’s Week: run sessions that educate students in sexual consent/assault/violence/rape and highlight what support services are available for students who are victims of sexual assault.

5. Raise awareness on the possible health risks of taking recreational and “study” drugs: creating an online section on the SU page that covers drugs risks and host workshop in Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week to inform students on “study” drug risks.

Sara says:

"I want to represent all voices on campus, not privileging one minority over the other. There is so much diversity that we should be celebrating every day on campus, but currently a lot of it is hidden in the background and run solely by societies or individuals which means not everyone can enjoy the beautiful cultures and traditions that our students represent. I want everyone to have safe spaces where they can express themselves and feel that they can talk to other people, whether that’s students or professionals that empathise with their issues. A vote for me is a vote for equality across the board!”

Campaign video:

You can watch Sara's campaign video here and read her full manifesto here.

So there's a breakdown of all the Welfare and Equality canditates this year, it's a hugely important role so go and place your vote!!