What Christmas film is your Newcastle halls?

Of course Castle Leazes is Love Actually

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One of the best things about Christmas is hands down snuggling up on the sofa with your boyfriend or girlfriend (if you're one of the lucky ones) or your dog, opening a tin of chocolates and sticking on a Christmas film.

Whether you go for a classic or mix it up with a modern twist, your choice says a lot about you. We matched Newcastle uni's fave halls with a legendary Christmas movie – find yours and see if we're right.

Park View – The new Grinch

Comes in at the last minute to try and steal the show. Everyone loved the old one (Ricky Road) but can it ever be beaten? Only time will tell. Hates Castle Leazes like the Grinch hates Christmas.

Liberty Plaza – The Holiday

A classic, can't go wrong. Not one of the originals but has been on the scene long enough to get a name for itself. It's full of the best kind of people, an all star cast that you would want to bump in to as you walk down to Swingers past The Gate. There has definitely been some Jude Law look alike's spotted roaming that courtyard *swoon*.

Manor Bank – The Snowman

You've heard the words "I live at Manor Bank" about as many times as you've heard chat in The Snowman. A cute film with not too much substance. It's on the outskirts but when you remember about it a smile appears on your face.

St Mary's – Noel

It’s depressing, doesn’t have the same good vibes as every other jolly Christmas film and you come away from it feeling like you want to cry. Oh and they’re both rated pretty badly. How can St Mary’s not be the not-so-classic Christmas film Noel?

Castle Leazes – Love Actually

There's so many people and storylines it's hard to keep up, but eventually everything leads back to the Hugh Grant of the group. He's the posh guy of the group but everyone lowkey fancies him. Plus his cringey dad dancing is a common sight in Soho on a Tuesday night.

Jesmond – Elf

The cream of the crop. Full of adults dressing up as kids and running away from their responsibilities. Admittedly there's not many actual elf outfits, but a pair of stripy tights is a pretty common occurrence.