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Newcastle Uni have issued £27,000 in fines for house parties over the past three years

That’s the cost of a whole degree

It's a given that at some point at uni you, one of your mates, or at least someone you know will probably have a house party that is shut down.

Newcastle is known for its mad parties, some with outrageous themes. There was the Kinky Ken and Bondage Barbie gathering, of course the unforgettable playboy party and the massive 50 Shades pyjama party.

What comes after the fun though, can be a hefty fine which heads straight to the pockets of the uni.

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But have you ever wondered how many fines the uni actually gives out and exactly how much money they're making from us students? Besides £9,250 a year that is…*eye roll*.

We contacted Newcastle Uni and asked them exactly how many fines they've given out in the past three years to students who are responsible for "significant disturbance to members of the public or damage to public property".

This is what they told us – you might want to sit down.

– Academic Year 2015/16 = £10,205.00 from 379 individual fines

– Academic Year 2016/17 = £12,266.00 from 423 individual fines

– Academic Year 2017/18 = £4,620.00 from 118 individual fines

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A spokesperson for Newcastle Uni told The Newcastle Tab: "The university does not make a profit from issuing disciplinary fines for Noise Nuisance/Anti-social Behaviour. The money is normally used for the education of students and the promotion of activities to combat anti-social behaviour.

"Newcastle University has a long-standing commitment to encouraging good relationships between students and residents, and the majority of our students are considerate, respectful young people who make a valuable contribution to the communities in which they live.

"However, we recognise that there is a minority whose behaviour is sometimes unacceptable. We introduced the Noise Nuisance protocol in September 2012 and every year since, a number of fines have been issued in response to complaints about noise."

It would be fabulous if you could pretty please stop ruining our fun to take more of our money. And whatever happened to loyalty between neighbours hey? We won't complain if you don't.