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Jesmond house party transforms Deuchar Street into the Playboy mansion

A tribute to Hugh Hefner

Saturday night saw the reincarnation of Hugh Hefner and his countless Playboy bunnies as a house of second year girls threw a party with the theme of everyone's dreams – The Playboy mansion.

The streets of Jesmond have seen bondage and sex parties countless times, and this party certainly got the memo.

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There was a strict costume policy and no party-goer was seen short of a silk robe, sexy lingerie, bunny ears or a boat hat.

The steamy living room was decorated with dimmed red lights and vintage Playboy posters plastered on the walls.

The host pre-warned that costumes had to be "nortyyyy".

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Lookin' good

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Upon arrival, guests were welcomed by the beautiful hostesses and lured into the overpowering heat of this sex dungeon.

Everywhere you turned there were rampant rabbits and people grinding – clearly taking the theme very seriously.

The party, containing over 70 people, carried on until the early hours without disturbance – probably due to the hosts sending a cautionary letter to neighbours well in advance.

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With the occasional dad bod, a lot of hairy chests, far too many fishnets and a lot of bare arses, it wasn't for the vanilla amongst you.

Who needs the Playboy mansion when you have Jesmond? Hugh Hefner would be so proud.

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