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The most important question of today: What’s the best spot in the Robbo for chirpsing?

It’s probably not going to be the basement


Now that exam season is looming and deadlines are upon us, we need to get some joy wherever we can. Whether you don't really fancy them that much and you'd just rather do anything than work, or you've been eyeing up your library crush since Freshers' Week, now is the time. The Robbo is full of chirpsing spots, but which is the best?

The Cafe

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Nothing says "I fancy you" more than sharing a tuna melt panini and an average cup of coffee. Because you'll both be avoiding your impending exam, you're guaranteed a long, deep chat, anything to put off returning to your essay.

If you're looking for your Prince Charming then you can see what kind of man he is by whether he pays for your crisps or not, and if you're looking for your dream woman than you can see if she at least offers to split the bill. Particularly great during exam season because it's open 24 hours, which means maximum flirting time (and no cafe staff ;). Definitely best for testing the waters of your future relationship because it's more formal than a chat in between the bookshelves but less serious than Costa.

The ground floor computer cluster

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Maybe you accidentally brush hands with them whilst reaching for your printing? Maybe you accidentally use their mouse? Maybe you ask them for a phone charger? The possibilities are endless. Because it's only metres to the cafe you have the opportunity to move things a step further and grab a coffee in the cafe or head outside for a cig. Although it is usually pretty jam-packed in there, so you'll struggle to get a regular seat and therefore a regular flirt. Although maybe this makes it more exciting? For one day and one day only.

The basement

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Kind of reserved for the creepier types. But then that means that if you go down there to work, you'll definitely find someone who enjoys 50 Shades as much as you. Because it's not a silent study space you can even make a little bit of informal chat with your library crush. Also it's also a great space for group work, so maybe now is the time to flirt with that gal in your study group who you've fancied since first year.

The third floor

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Although you strictly can't talk or eat, where there's a will to flirt, there's a way. The third floor is perfect for some saucy eye contact or passing a note. If you choose the third floor to work at you're also more likely to have your permanent spot, which gives you a real opportunity to bond with your S/O. Maybe not so great if you rely on you chat because then it's wasted, but the third floor is definitely a good starting point.

In between the bookshelves

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Great for making your library crush think you're super intelligent. Just make sure they're in sight and browse the most intelligent shelf you can find. BUT be warned – make sure you don't choose a book that relates to their degree, otherwise you may be pulled into a discussion about something you know fuck all about. There's also lots of dark, secluded aisles for doing whatever your heart desires.


Great for those I've-come-to-the-library-to-socialise types. If you're after someone who loves Cosmic, the South and rollies then this is the place for you. Walk up that girl in flares and a puffa jacket sat in a massive group on the benches. Ask her for a lighter. Ask her if she's going out tonight. She is? The deal is sealed.