You can now get Greggs delivered to your doorstep with Deliveroo

They’ve teamed up to make the ultimate dream team

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As we all know, Newcastle is the Greggs capital of Great Britain. Earlier in the year, they graced us with the Greggs drive-thru, then they reversed their sign so it could be seen in the iconic Fenwick Christmas window display, and now you can get Greggs delivered right to your door!

Sadly it's not available all throughout the city and is only available to those living in close parameter to their stores on Pink Lane and Chillingham Road, making it the best thing that's happened in Heaton, well, ever! So unlucky for those in Jesmond and Sandyford, it just wasn't meant to be. Gutted.

They trialled the service in Birmingham with Deliveroo and after it's success, decided to expand to a total of seven stores in Newcastle, London and Bristol.

Second year Newcastle Uni student Ewan said: "This is amazing. The closest one to me is like a 25 minute walk and sometimes I’m too hungover to walk that far for a sausage roll. I can't wait."

For those lucky to be graced living nearby these stores, the menu on Deliveroo will feature all the favourites such as breakfast items, the iconic sausage rolls, sandwiches, steak bakes and sweet treats.

The delivery fee is going to be so worth it.