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Here’s why Greggs on Northumberland Street has a reversed sign

Two Newcastle landmarks coming together

In case you haven't heard, the Greggs on Northumberland Street recently switched its sign to read backwards so it could be seen clearly when the Fenwick's window was unveiled.

The switch led to some confusion for passers by for a day, until that night where its intention was suddenly very clear.

Opposite the Greggs on Northumberland Street the big Newcastle attraction of the Fenwick's Christmas window has just gone up, and with it people are queuing to get a look.

So now, in the large windows the illuminated letters of Greggs are read the right way round, bringing some cheeky marketing to the brand.

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It is no surprise that Greggs has done this as Newcastle is officially the Greggs capital of the world. With 29 stores in Newcastle, there's a ratio of 9.9 stores per 100,000 people, the highest in the country. Geordies really love their steak bakes.

Fenwick also have their flagship five-story department store in Newcastle so Greggs have pulled a blinder in using the attraction to advertise their product. What's more comforting than a warm sausage roll in a snowy landscape?

As well as putting their logo the wrong way round, Greggs have also given away 500 free festive bakes and introduced pigs in blankets to the menu, stepping up their game for Christmas.

On Twitter, fans have been loving the change, with some calling it the best marketing ever and others calling it the most iconic Newcastle landmark since Alan Shearer .

The combination of Greggs and Fenwick was a masterstroke move by the Greggs marketing team and officially begins the Christmas advertising period. Whether another brand outdoes this stunt, we'll have to wait and see.