It’s official: Newcastle is the Greggs capital of Great Britain

Are you even surprised?

It has been revealed that Newcastle has three times as many Greggs stores as the national average. It seems that the Toon certainly is pasty-passionate.

It’s hard to take a trip around Newcastle city centre without noticing the infamous bakery – the streets are littered with them. Geordie’s love a sandwich and coffee so much that they even opened a Greggs store across the road from another Greggs store.  

Everyone on campus has heard the rumour that wherever you are in Newcastle you are never more than ten minutes away from a Greggs store. This is hardly surprising considering there are a staggering 29 Greggs stores in Newcastle city. We are lucky enough to even have a late-hours Greggs just in front of the Central Station, perfect for the drunken munchies after a night in Digi. Yum Yum.

In The Toon we all love a good old Greggs, the blue and orange dazzling logo simply draws us in. So the fact that Newcastle is the Greggs capital of Britain comes as no surprise. We all know in our hearts of hearts that Newcastle is the real home of Greggs and now it has been officially confirmed.

Meg, second-year English Literature, says: “We always knew in our hearts that it was true and now it’s nice to have the recognition.”

Newcastle has 9.9 stores for every 100,000 people living in the city. And luckily enough for us if you find yourself across the river, Gateshead has the third highest number of Greggs outlets in the country with 17 stores.

A Greggs spokesman stated: “Newcastle is our birthplace. John Gregg started out in Gosforth delivering eggs and yeast by bike in 1939. We’ve grown a lot since then but Newcastle is still and always will be our home.”  

So wherever you find yourself in The Toon with the wonderful gift of Greggs, your baked goods cravings can always be satisfied. As Luke, a second year studying International Business and Spanish, says: “when I’m in the South I always miss that afternoon sausage roll from Greggs and now I’m returning back to the Greggs capital I’ll never have to worry again.”