Poll: We tried out chicken wings across Newcastle and rated them and now you can too

Three things are certain in life, death, taxes and Wing Wednesdays

There's only one type of wings that are worth getting a picture of, and no it's not those bloody angel wings at Dirty Martini, it's chicken wings. The Newcastle Tab headed out to bring you a ranking of the best four places to get your fingers dirty, unless you eat your wings with a knife and fork, and if that's the case then get the fork outta here.

There's three categories the perfect chicken wing has to rank highly in: Taste, value for money and size consistency. This is how we rated them:

Nancy's Bordello

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Taste – 6/10

Coming in teriyaki, hot and spicy or honey glazed variety is good however the taste lets them down a bit because for me, it's got to be a hot wing and they just didn't live up to the name.

Value for money – 8/10

They deal out some good food for some good prices since the wings from here come with a side of fries, coleslaw and a small salad which will set you back a mere £6.95, slap a San Pellegrino on there and it's £8.90 which is basically a cup of tea and a biscuit from Pret and I know what I'd rather have.

Size consistency – 9/10

Even though the hot and spicy wings were anything but that, the chicken to bone ratio earned them some bonus points!

Hop and Cleaver

Taste – 8/10

With a choice of sticky Korean, habanero and mango, smokey bourbon, buffalo and BBQ sauce is known for its high quality flavouring, up there near the top.

Value for money 10/10

On a Wednesday it is 25p a wing, absolutely dreamy. Otherwise it's five wings for £3.95 so you still can't really complain.

Size consistency – 7/10

There was a solid ratio of chicken to sauce and all the wings looked similar, great for the gram.

Spy Bar

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Taste- 8/10

Going for my usual order of five bacon and cheese and five buffalo the taste is out of this world. To be honest it's the perfect combo because everyone loves cheese AND wings, god tier pairing.

Value for Money- On Wednesday 9/10, otherwise 7/10

I was lucky enough to try these on a Wednesday and any Jesmond local knows what that means, 30p wings, only thing better than Bijoux trebs.

Size consistency- 5/10

What stops these wings from flying is consistency, the size and shape of each wing differed with some barely having meat on them. However, after a few pints during happy hour taste is the only thing that matters.

Shark Club

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Value for money- 7/10

Now these bad boys are always in contention to be the top dog. It was £6.95 for 10 wings because it wasn't a Wednesday, carrot sticks and blue cheese dip, but still good value for money.

Taste- 10/10

Suicide wings were the obvious choice and they were a bit of a challenge but it definitely did not ruin the taste – although in hindsight water would've been a better drink choice than Dark Fruits. With 10 different flavours to choose from you really can't go far wrong – got to be a 10.

Size consistency- 8/10

Each bite was full of meaty goodness, causing them to be a real contender. All the wings were pretty similar in size and favour which made for a great wings experience.

Flame 'n' Grill

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Taste- 10/10

In every competition there's a dark horse and Flame 'n' Grill's chicken wings are exactly that. Although they only have one flavour, the sheer taste of these make it seem as though the chicken came from heaven, especially after a sesh at Digi on a Monday.

Value for money- 9/10

Coming in at £4.50 for five wings, chips and a drink they are definitely the best value for money. If you become a regular and go there as often as some of us at the end of a night out then bossman will most likely throw in two or three more and every student loves a freebie!

Size consistency- 9/10

These wings fly right off the bone with each bite having more chicken than the last.

You've read what we think but which wings do the people of Newcastle think really are the best?