These Jesmond boys will only let you into their house parties if you complete a rum challenge

Only for the strongest of stomachs

Three boys in Jesmond make everyone who tries to enter one of their parties complete a rum challenge before they are granted access.

Sounding harder to get into than Swingers during Freshers', they have named it the Captains Morgan's challenge. You might be thinking "seems a bit simplistic compared to names like Ring of Fire".

The challenge requires participants to "pour the dirtiest drink with whatever's there", said Owen Doherty one of the creators of the challenge, and to "just make it 'angin, like something real pirates would drink". Party guests must then place their hand on the ground and spin on that point 10 times, giving a feeling of sea sickness and if it's done too slow then another rotation is added on.

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Next, they then must walk over to the table where the drink is placed and the glass can't leave their lips till its all gone or a forfeit is offered up. The final part is being spun around five more times by someone watching and if they can last five minutes without the drink coming back up or them falling over then it's plain sailing from there.

The Newcastle Tab spoke to one of the founders of the challenge, Rodney, who said: "We just got bored of sitting round listening to music while drinking and we had a Captain Morgan's hat and some sunglasses that proper made it hard to see and we went from there".

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Although currently there's no actual reward for completing the challenge, survivors get the satisfaction of knowing they won't need to throw money on trebles if you manage to make it out!

Even though the hat adds flair and the inventors told The Newcastle Tab that it is in fact a requirement, it's the glasses that have the real impact, so if you feel like giving it a go get some glasses that you can't see out of and get drinking sailor!