Here are the most savage tweets about Newcastle University students

Alright guys, we get it

Newcastle University students get on each other's nerves enough to understand that we are probably fairly irritating to those who don't go here.

However, some people don't just find us "fairly irritating", but actually horrifically nauseating. If you fancy a bit of recreational self-loathing, we've picked out a selection of Twitter's finest nuggets of hate towards Newcastle students for your viewing pleasure.

Newcastle students and their love for houmous

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Don't blame us for trying to stock up after the Great Houmous Shortage of 2017

Newcastle students being slow walkers

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Unsure why us Newcastle students aren't as infamous for our dawdling as we are for our puffa jackets

Our drinking attire

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I've never encountered anyone who's done this but props to them tbh

Everyone's love of Flares

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Probably shouldn't have brought this up, don't want to reignite the Flares-love vs. Flares-hate debate

The obsession with fancy sport labels

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Yeah but they wear Fila

The hatred for our volume control

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"Indoor voices" weren't just for secondary school, guys

How posh some people are

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Daddy didn't pay for their education for them to be insulted like this

Our attempts to assimilate into the Geordie culture

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Dear People Who Do This: you're not fooling anyone, soz

And how we all dress

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Bit of a low blow, this one

OK this is just mean x

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This one did sting a little bit, tbh