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We’re now officially taking nominations for Newcastle’s smallest box room

A dedication to unselfish students

Ah, the humble box room. The room that every housemate dreads to pull out of the hat. The room in your house that always get sidelined and shunted…well not anymore.

Students who live in box rooms are savvy, team players and let's face it: the unsung heroes of Britain. So, The Tab Newcastle are officially searching for the smallest room in the Toon.

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We want to find out who you are and how your room has been turned from a hellhole to a hell(yeah)hole. If you have, or know of, a tiny room that is absolutely the tits then nominate the box room by sending an email to [email protected] or send us a message on our Facebook page.

You need to tell us: who lives there, what year they're in and what they study, it's location and why you are nominating the room.

Finally giving you credit for your ultimate self sacrifice x