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A restaurant in Newcastle will give you £500 if you eat this giant chicken nugget

20 nuggets seem like a piece of piss now

Are you the type of person who gets 20 chicken nuggets after a night out? Think you'll never, ever get bored of nugs? Want to win £500 just by eating these delicious, chickeny treats????

If so, get yourself down to Rub Smokehouse in The Gate to try and eat their giant chicken nugget as quickly as possible.

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Branded 'Nugzilla', this nug is the equivalent of 85 normal sized chicken nuggets. The current record to beat is six minutes and 20 seconds.

Racking up at 4,500 calories and 330 grams of fat, the rules are pretty simple:

1. Eat Nugzilla as quickly as possible (with no help)

2. Don't leave the table whilst in the challenge

3. Don't be sick, or your entry is void

4. You must eat Nugzilla, all the fries and sauce

Think how many chicken nuggets you can buy with that £500 prize money. To enter, just click here.

Photo credits: Rub Smokehouse