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Newcastle voted third most hipster university in U.K. in the cringest rating ever

This is one for all you hipsters out there

Great news, if you're one of those edgy, 'individual', hipster types, your time at Newcastle has not been wasted…We have been officially named the third most hipster uni in the U.K. Well, FINALLY.

The accommodation provider Liberty Living have revealed that 52% of students in the U.K would rather go to a lesser known university which offers a 'broader cultural experience', a.k.a. 'hipster'. Hahaha.

The best part? How they judged how 'hipster' your uni is; the standard of your art and design scene, and the number of record shops, vintage shops and CRAFT BEER BARS.

Newcastle has 17 vintage shops, 27 craft beer bars, eight record stores and 100% in the University Guide for Art and Design. If you cut us, we bleed blue trebs, so how the hell did we manage to come third for this?!

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Just one of our award-winning vintage shops

Unsurprisingly, Manchester Met came in first, because everybody there is completely, 100% their own person and is in no way influenced by their BNOCs. In second place came the University of Leeds, obviously. All individual, free people who are in touch with their spiritual side. Northumbria came in at ninth place which is confusing as we inhabit the same hipster city.

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Look at all these Newcastle students celebrating their individuality

So if you're looking for a potential uni or just want to double check and make sure your hipster street-cred is still in tact, make sure you check out the top five hipster universities in the U.K:

1. Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

2. University of Leeds, Leeds

3. Newcastle University, Newcastle

4. Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham

5. Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool

Photo credits: Michael Trimble (Soho Rooms)