Drinking with the older generation is totally underrated

Why drink prosseco when you can drink champagne?

My mum’s house is one of the few places on earth where if I don’t fancy drinking coke or water I can simply pop open a bottle of champagne… for free! This is totally underrated and one of the many reasons I think drinking with the older generation is so much better then going out with your friends.

Better Beverages

First and foremost the best thing about drinking with your parents is the better selection of alcohol. Say goodbye Tesco value and hello Smirnoff. Why drink prosseco when you can drink champagne? At university the idea of making cocktails is simply unfeasible, who really has enough cash to be buying multiple types of alcohol and mixer, but the spirits cupboard at home tells a whole different story.

Drunk Food

When you’re drinking at home and you get to the inevitable stage of wanting something greasy and delicious you’re not faced with empty cupboards or mouldy bread. Oh no. Instead your drinking partner is bringing out a fancy cheese board or the best selection of crisps and dips. The fridge is always well stocked for whatever might take your fancy.


More often then not if you’re out with the older generation it’s not in your local spoons. Instead you find yourself in a swanky bar or restaurant that your student loan would never allow you to attend. If you were solo the maître de would definitely give you a snooty look for your ripped jeans and trainers, but you’re with the big dogs now and no one bats an eyelids.

The banter

Drinking with your pals is undeniably fun, but when your best friend starts throwing up or drunk crying for the 50th time this year it can get a little tiresome. However, if your parents get a little too drunk it’s absolutely hilarious and you have no problems with putting them to bed and gleefully reminding them about it the next morning. Similarly they often let something slip about their rebellious youth that they’d rather not have you know.


Hangovers at uni are horrendous. There’s no one to look after you, your sofas probably a little bit lumpy and the kitchen is filled with all the bottles from the night before. Not what you need. At home however, you’re often greeted by the smell of bacon and a big carton of orange juice. There’s not a dirty bottle in sight and you can laze happily on your comfy sofa with sky movies all day long.

What being hungover at home feels like


Family parties normally mean one thing. Free bar. Everyone appreciates that you’re a student and you really don’t have the money to be buying drinks in this fancy bar and they’re there to help you out. The best thing is the younger you are the more drinks tend to be bought for you, as your relatives enjoy getting you wasted (or maybe that’s just an Irish family thing). Either way, if you go out with your relatives the whole in your pocket the next morning is always a little bit smaller.

There we have it. All the many reasons that drinking with the older generation will always be a great alternative to a night out with your friends!