What does Northumbria really think about us?

Northumbria on Newcastle students

Newcastle and Northumbria universities lie only a short distance away from each other, yet the rivalry between them seems to remain great. After all, we’ve all seen the  Yik Yak digs and the competitive Stan Calvert Memorial Cup.

We’ve been asking what rival Northumbria students really think about Newcastle University. Are we seen as the snobby other half or should this rift be put to bed?

Chantelle, second year, Sport Science 

“I think there is a divide. Walking past the campus Newcastle is like a different world – my friend think it’s like Harry Potter.”

James, second year, Sport and Exercise Science 

“I don’t mind Newcastle, I think they are unfairly stereotyped.”

Abbi, Katie and Mikey, second year, Law 

Abbi: “I don’t really have a preference.”

Katie: “The students I know from Newcastle I’m not particularly fond of. Newcastle’s perception of us is more of an issue, its quite funny.”

Mikey: “The rivalry that is expected between us pisses us off, it is quite funny though. We are better at sport and Newcastle is better for academics, we are good for two different reasons.”

Laura, second year, History 

“Newcastle students are not all the same, but from a sport point of view they are pretty cocky.”

Yvonne, third year, Fashion, Design and Marketing 

“I don’t really have an opinion.”

Bryony, second year, Law

“I think the rivalry is more laid back, its healthy competition like the Poly vs Posh bar crawl. I don’t think people actually dislike Newcastle students.”

Josh, Post-graduate 

“I don’t think there is any divide. I have a positive view on Newcastle students, I’ve studied at both unis and have had an equally good time at both!”

Ollie, second year, Business with Economics 

“There can be a lot of generalisation with ‘rahs’ at Newcastle, but I don’t think there is much of a difference.”

Terri, third year, Law

“I have never really interacted much with Newcastle.”

Jess and Ellie, second year, Law

Jess: “There is a pre decided conception that Newcastle look down on Northumbria, so you immediately have that conception when you arrived and it’s drilled into you from the start with Clash of the Titans.”

Ellie: “If you are an outsider looking in there probably is a divide, but as I have friends at Newcastle I don’t think there is.”