Kate’s food challenges: I finished a 28oz burger in under ten minutes

Jam Jar made the challenge especially for me

If you don’t like lots of meat, I would suggest to look away now.

With the burger being one of my favourite foods and having not done a burger challenge since October 2015, I was very keen when Jam Jar offered to make me “The Jam Challenge Burger.”

Seeing as I’ve had Jam Jar’s burgers before I already knew they were delicious. Also with their mouth-wateringly tempting pictures covering my social media timelines recently – I was easily persuaded.

With my previous burger challenges, usually the weight of the burgers has been around 24oz. However, I wanted to push myself a little further.

So when Josh suggested a 28oz burger – I was definitely game.

This picture really doesn’t justify how big it was

When they brought it out – it was absolutely huge.

The picture definitely doesn’t justify the size of it. My nerves took a hit again as I stared at the three huge burgers, the three servings of pulled pork, with cheese, bacon, more tiers of bread, garnish as well as a serving of chips and giant strawberry Oreo milkshake.

This was going to be hard.

My more meat-ier view of the burger

The first couple of bites were definitely the best. The pulled pork, burger, bacon and cheese combo were divine.

But after just a couple of bites, I genuinely thought this was going to go into my “loss” pile. It was SO filling – something I wasn’t expecting this early.

However, “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background, my mate Elliot Snapchatting away and giving me support, I was getting the rhythm back.

About three minutes in – I was on the last part of the burger. I couldn’t really believe it myself. My mouth was covered in burger sauce – this was definitely the messiest I’ve been whilst doing a challenge. I’m usually very clean. But now, I was determined to finish this.

Five to six minutes down and the burger was finished. Just chips and the milkshake left. Amazingly, I wasn’t suffering too much from the burger and felt like I could relax a bit and enjoy this part. Dipping my chips away into the ketchup, happy as Larry that I was going to have another win video.

Determined to finish in under 10 minutes – I quickly finish off the rest of the milkshake and end the challenge at nine minutes 21 seconds. I was buzzing.

No biggie

The burger was delicious, the milkshake was delightful and I was actually full (which is rare for me). Overall it was a complete win-win.

But now, I’m back to the chicken and veg diet gym routine and things aren’t as fun anymore. Writing this article is so difficult when all you’re craving is to be doing it all over again.

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