Watch: Newcastle second year waxes off his eyebrow for charity

He raised £80

A History second year has raised £80 for charity after waxing off one entire eyebrow.

Olly Lyons, from Leicester, was taking part in challenges with friends set during a night of raising money for charity.

Other challenges included eating blended McDonald’s and participants doing press ups over each other whilst eating Rolo’s off of each other’s faces.

They were raising money for the Great North Air Ambulance and a local mental health charity and are still counting up the donations from a successful night of fundraising.

Olly managed to individually raise £80 after donations for his stunt turned in to a bidding war.

Olly’s Mum wasn’t too happy

He told The Tab: “It was wierd, having the eyebrow removed made me feel liberated, and it’s so smooth.

“It’s probably going to take a while to grow back, but I’d rather be raising money for charity than caring about how I look for two months.”

His family members weren’t so thrilled about Olly’s fundraising strategy though: “My mum doesn’t see the funny side, she was really angry. I’m going to an event with her on Friday and I think she was hoping for a nice family picture. I can always just stand side-on though”.