Katy O’Neil is victorious in last round of Fittest Fresher

She says if she wins the competition she’ll run through the Robbo naked


With nearly half the vote, Katy O’Neil storms ahead to win round three of Fittest Fresher, setting in stone the contestants for the final.

The History and Modern Languages student took 43 per cent of the vote, and is “buzzing” for the final.

Second place in round three went to Communication and PR student Bronagh Gormley, with 23 per cent of the vote.

Katy and Bronagh will join Olivia Pryor (W) and Hannah Wilson from round one and Charlotte Conibear (W) and Lauren Short from round two.

Katy, who lives in Castle Leazes, told The Tab: “I’m buzzing for the final. I can’t wait to see what it brings.

“If I win I’ll probably do a naked run through the robbo library.”

The first year, from Newcastle, put her win down to “kind hearted, generous people”.

Katy told The Tab her favourite night is Club Trop: “You’ll find me in Club Trop every Monday and I love all of the mish:mash events especially ice cream Tuesday’s at Tup Tup.

“You can’t beat the cheap trebles in Mimo’s and the Empress as far as pre bars go. Who can say no to three trebs for six quid?!

“I didn’t deserve to win really. I honestly didn’t think I would even get asked to be on this – never mind win a round and end up in the final.

“Just got to leave the rest up to the voters now and see what happens.”

The final of Fittest Freshers will be published next week and the winner crowned by the end of the week.