The Newcastle Raiders and their Mums

We all need someone to kiss our boo boos

American Football – a violent sport involving broken bones and manly men, but what do these players get up to when they’re not smashing each other on the field? Why, they’re spending times with their Mums of course.  Here are the Newcastle Raiders, and the women that reared them.

Jordan and Sharon

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Player: Jordan
Position: Cornerback
Course: Electrical Engineering
Mum: Sharon
“She’s raved a lot more than I ever will.”

Matt and Jane

 Player: Matt
Position: Offensive Line
Course: Maths
Mum: Jane
When my mum isn’t shaping young minds or playing tennis across the country, she’s catering to the needs of her little Raider.”

 Kai and Anais

Player: Kai
Position: Quarterback
Course: Marketing and Management
Mum: Anais
She’s a fashion writer, and has lived all over the world. At the moment she’s based in Texas.”

Tom and Antonia

Player: Tom
Position: O-Line
Course: Marketing
Mum: Antonia
“Her best meal is Apple Crumble and I’ve been taller than her since I was 12.”

Daniel and Carol

Player: Daniel
Position: Cornerback
Course: Psychology
Mum: Carol
“She’s a Yorkshire lass.  She loves knitting and getting pissed, is a great cook and has top notch banter.”

Ash and Deb

Player: Ash
Position: Cornerback
Course: Marine Biology
Mum: Deb
“My favourite meal is her home made Lasagne.”

Jack and his gran Katherine

Player: Jack
Position: Guard/Tackle
Course: History and Politics
Gran: Katherine who’s the young age of 75
“She’s only been drunk once in her life!”