Uni to introduce stress-busting PUPPY ROOM

Exams making you feel ruff?

Exhausted revisers will be able to temporarily relieve their stress in Newcastle’s new puppy room.

Students who’ve been working like dogs will be able to play with the puppies on 26th and 27th May, courtesy of The Guide Dogs charity.

A venue is yet to be confirmed.

The Guide Dogs charity have let the dogs out in an effort to give students a temporary release, one that doesn’t involve undressing or venting horny yearnings on Yik Yak.

Puppies will be available to Newcastle University students to pet, stroke, or cuddle in the midst of the exam season.

The Guide Dogs charity will be bringing in puppies for students to cuddle.

It doesn’t take hard factual statistics to prove that puppies make us happy.

Nevertheless, Dr Joan Harvey, a Chartered Psychologist and strategic teaching advisor at Newcastle University says this has academic basis. She said: “If you talk to advisors at the university’s student well being centre, the number of referrals they get around exam time for stress goes up considerably.

“To combat stress you can do two things. Get rid of the source of it or find a way to cope with that stress.

“Unfortunately for the students we can’t get rid of exams, so the best way to help them is to find a way to reduce stress, and puppy petting has been proven to do just that.”

In addition, guide dog owners will bring their dogs to teach students about guide dog protocol with plenty of time for cuddling too.

WARNING: Not to be stolen and brought into halls

More deTAILs to be released nearer the time.