The birthplace of Feral Friday is turning into a strip club

The Reverend said it would ‘generate mayhem’.

It’s been described as a place “so dark you could walk past your grandmother and not notice“.

But this afternoon Newcastle City Council gave permission for The Den – the original home of Feral – to open as a strip club.

Feral, which ran in ‘the Den’ every Friday night for nine years, changed location in September due to unforeseen circumstances. Many claim Feral Friday is a “right of passage for any student of Newcastle”.

We’re as surprised as you

Newcastle City Council this afternoon gave permission for the managers of ‘For Your Eyes Only’ to renew the strip club license at the venue.

The Den was home to Feral for nine years. Many students remember the venue for its dark charm and lure, but the most scandalous tale of all was when a human poo had reportedly found itself on to the entrance stairs.

Feral has been in three venues in the last six months but now resides at ThinkTank.

Many objected to the proposals including Rev Nicholas Buxton. The Reverend told the hearing the proposals would “contribute to the general mayhem” in the area it was planned to opened up in.

Northumbria Police gave no objection to the proposals this afternoon.

Charles Holland, speaking for the company ‘For Your Eyes Only’ said that the capacity of the Den had been around 900, but as a lap dancing club it would only be 120.

The permission given to the Den makes makes it the fifth nightclub to have these privlages.

The owners plan to open the new club by May.