The Naked Battle of NUBC

The guys and gals of Newcastle Uni Boat Club release rival naked calendars.

| UPDATED battle of the sexes naked calendar nubc

Naked women, and unfortunately naked men too. 

Welcome to the Newcastle University Boat Club’s battle of the sexes. The rivalry between the two teams has become all too much that there are only two ways to settle it: Lizard Fight oar get naked and take photos. This particular sport has opted for the latter, unlike the Rugby team.

Sally Hickey told us “There have been naked calendars in the past, but this year the stretching room banter was getting so extreme that we thought a battle of the sexes was the only way to truly settle it!”

With no charity fundraising involved, this one is all about the bragging rights. The row over rowing started in the mixed warm up room and this has led to huge social media campaigns by both sides, which prompted The Tab to give them more exposure than they bargained for.

The Ladies

The new streamlined outfits

The award for best buoys goes to the lovely, pictured below on the left. Honourable mentions for all except centre, as we cannot see anything, cheers.

Here is a sneak preview of the ladies’ January photo, picturing a pre-race team talk to a perky audience.

This particular photo has come under scrutiny by disappointed Facebook fans:

Visit the ladies’ page to see more photos and get hold of one yourself!

The Men

As the clear underdogs going into this competition for obvious reasons, the lads had to come up with something special to match their opposition. As a certain Pete Robinson put it:

There were no holds barred in their photos except a few tactically placed stars. To be fair, if no one is going to look then why not?

Not a cox in sight

 The men have however procured some interest from the older generation.

Popular with some at least…

Longest in the shower

JH is the longest in the shower, congratulations to him. See December’s photo for confirmation.

Visit the men’s page to get hold of their calendar and check out their photos, if you really want.

Calendars are available online and also outside the Union this week.

May the best team win this epic race.