Ladies Only at Ami’s

For all women worried about the unflattering aspects of going to the gym, you have salvation.

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Negative body image can have a huge impact on exercise. In spite of the clear merits of an active lifestyle, many women feel uncomfortable in an environment in which their bodies are outwardly judged.

One of the main discomforts appears to arise from working out in front of men. When exercising we’re often seen perspiring and red-faced which can cause many women to feel self-conscious. 
Also, whilst working out, the last thing women need to feel is that they’re being checked out or compared with other women.
Personal Trainer Ami Collins has recognized this, and is currently under-going plans to construct a ladies only fitness studio.
This is an extension of her current business, ‘My Personal Trainer’, and focuses on creating a comfortable environment in which women can exercise freely and without judgement.
“The emphasis will be on keeping exercise fun in a relaxed and safe environment where women can feel comfortable. We are not militant; we’re about doing things effectively. I want them to feel good and enjoy their experience at Ami’s!”
The fitness studio is not a gym, for Ami states, “As a personal trainer, I spend a lot of time in gyms and am always confronted with women exercising ineffectively or with poor form as they are not being offered proper guidance or advice.” 
A variety of classes will be offered which will be aimed at calorie burning and full-body toning, including all the favourites: Pilates, yoga, circuits, abs blast, hips, bums and tums, trim and tone, fighting fit, bootcamp, boxercise, kettlebells  and zumba.
“Better health, fitness and muscle tone are givens when you start to exercise. What’s most important to me is making a difference to the way they feel about themselves and instilling in them more confidence and a better body image.
The classes will be small and intimate, ensuring that attention is placed on each individual’s needs.
Ami can also offer nutritional advice, and every new personal training client will undergo an initial consultation to set the goals that they hope to achieve.
“I always ask people what they like and dislike so I can better cater for their needs whilst keeping them happy and engaged with the training.”
The fitness studio will be called ‘Ami’s’, with the slogan, ‘Positive Ladies Fitness’.
A simple name for Ami says, “I didn’t want it to be anything too generic that boasts about sculpting and feeling the burn.  Ami’s is about approachable and friendly trainers who are qualified to guide you quickly and effectively towards your health goals.”

The studio will be located above Willi’s coffee shop on Clayton Road in Jesmond, only a short walk for Jesmond dwellers and from the city centre.

A team of qualified personal trainers will be joining Ami in her new project: “It’s really important to me to get the right people – we’re going to be like a family, with nothing corporate about it, Ami’s is about personal service.”
If there are any qualified students interested in part-time work, please feel free to email Ami at [email protected]

Student Rates
  • £6 for one hour or £4 for half an hour
  • Monthly membership can be purchased for £40 per month.
  • Personal training sessions will be £35 per hour with a multiple booking discounts available (£20 per hour for members).
  • Ami is also offering personal training sessions with up to three friends for the price of one! 
Opening times will be Monday to Friday, 7am – 9pm, plus a few additional hours on Saturdays.
Builders started construction at the beginning of this week and Ami has set an unofficial opening date of just six weeks from now.
Girls, get excited to exercise!
Visit Ami’s facebook page or follow her on twitter @amictrainer for more information.