Party brings the house down – literally

Queens Road party exceeds hopes as roof caves in


When the organizers of the Queens Road Project said they planned to bring the house down, everyone expected a wild party. 

But imagine their surprise when the ceiling literally caved in on Saturday night.

The damage was done when one party-goer attempted to stop a smoke alarm ringing by pulling it out of its socket.

Whoops..the hole left in the ceiling

They managed to pull the smoke alarm free – along with a huge chunk of the ceiling.

One of the party organisers, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We knew it was going to be a fucking nuts party but not as ridiculous as it turned out to be.

“Before the night we were joking about saying to each other ‘tonight’s going to be crazy – the roof’s going to come down’, and when it literally did, it was quite a poignant moment and we realized we’d ironically accomplished what we had set out to do – show Jesmond what real house party can be like. It was classic.”

The party – sponsored by Namedropper App – was promoted on Facebook and over 600 people were invited to the event.

Police attempted to shut it down, but gave up when guests refused to leave and began chanting “fun police” at them.

Things are not looking too good for the hosts however, because their landlord is Newcastle University.

They face a disciplinary hearing this week – watch this space to find out their fate.