10 things you’ll relate to if you live in a mixed boys and girls house

The toilet is either extremely clean or extremely dirty, there is no in between

Living in a mixed boys and girls house can be very entertaining, to say the least, but it doesn’t come without its hardships. The initial lure of living in a house with fewer girls and therefore fewer dramas disappears within a few weeks after realising the house is ridden with protein powders, filthy dishes, and, well, boys.

Although living in an all-girls house may mean nicer decor and probably a cleaning rota, living with guys 100 per cent has it’s advantages too. Did you get ghosted again this week? Stop crying and get a lad to teach you how to flirt. Spending a fortune on nice-smelling toiletries? Look at how empty and cheap the guys’ shower shelves are and start taking note.

Through years of mixed-living observations, we’ve collected ten things that you will relate to if you’re in this living situation to help you feel less frustrated the next time you realise the bins haven’t been taken out for a third week in a row.

Each bathroom has it’s own vibe

One bathroom is covered in purple toner stained walls, has a pile of empty shampoo bottles littered on the floor and God knows how many types of moisturiser balancing on the sink, whereas the other has two half-empty bottles of Head and Shoulders and that’s about it.

Surprisingly the boy’s bathroom is always tidier than the girl’s, even if it does have a tower of empty toilet rolls on the floor.

Whether the boys have decided to cut each other’s hair for the third time in two weeks (lockdown struggles) or the girls have just shed their hair from stress, wherever you go there always seems to be loose strands decorating every surface.

A dustpan and brush would probably come in handy after a while.

Arguing over what to watch

Breaking Bad Vs First Dates, High School Musical Vs X-Men, it always takes about half an hour to agree on something to watch before someone caves in.

What’s even worse is having to pretend you’re not enjoying whatever’s on after you kicked up such a fuss about watching it in the first place.

You hear very different music at pre’s

The pre’s playlist can jump from Fifa music to Britney Spears very quickly.

To save any fuss over who’s going to DJ for the entirety of the night, you should just resort to letting everyone queue whatever songs they want. This does mean, however, that you’ll have to hear someone moan something along the lines of: “Who put this on?” at some point while you hide behind your drink in shame.

There is protein powder everywhere

No, I don’t want to try your new blueberry muffin flavoured protein shake even if it does taste really nice.

There is absolutely nothing more annoying than the numerous boxes of protein dotted all over the house getting in the way of everything. Wait, actually, it’s the sound of that annoying blender after someone’s been on a run. We get it, you’re healthy. Move on.

Each room has a completely different aesthetic

The girls’ rooms are usually covered in plants and tacky fairy lights with that tapestry on the wall, whereas the boys’ rooms all have that same grey duvet and the only decoration to be seen is the rubbish overflowing from their bin.

It’s even better when they buy a single candle from Asda with some sort of floral scent and go on about it for weeks.

You all either love or hate group photos

Before you inevitably get a can of beer thrown over your hair by a housemate, it’s nice to get a rare group picture with the entire house.

After rounding everyone up like cattle, you all stand awkwardly waiting for the photoshoot to end. The girls will probably decide they want to take at least ten more to capture the right angles, whereas the boys are happy with the first one where your eyes are shut or you’re looking in the completely wrong direction.

The shock when you realise boys being messy is just a myth

Before living with boys, I really did think that they would be the ones causing the build-up of plates by the sink. But, whenever the “who’s dishes are these?” message is sent into the house group chat, it’s always one of the girls who shamefully responds.

Girls, just because you bought one of those sponges on a stick that’s meant to be life-changing, does not automatically make you a clean person.

You get brutal but very helpful relationship advice

Sure, it may seem a bit harsh at the time, but there really is no better way to find out why some Tinder lad isn’t texting you back than to ask another boy and vice versa.

It might help you realise that just because they didn’t put a kiss at the last text they sent you, it doesn’t mean they’re completely done with you, they probably just forgot. Incredible.

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