Imogen Hennessy

Imogen Hennessy
Liverpool University

student news, campus news, campus culture, national news, student trends, higher education, social media trends

  • Imogen is the News Editor at the Tab Liverpool, assisting with the publishing of news articles that affect students in Liverpool
  • She has a specific interest in news stories that make an impact at a campus level
  • Her main interests include news stories, particularly those that concern the experiences of women, music and politics


Imogen joined the Tab in 2023 in her third year at Liverpool and has written articles on campus news and campus trends. From January 2024, she will be starting as News Editor of the Tab Liverpool


Imogen is currently in her third year studying BA History at the University of Liverpool. She specialises in Early Modern women's history. She has studied various areas of history including women's rights and political history, and is looking to pursue a career in journalism


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