Here are the best takeaways in Smithdown for you to choose from

Because good food is a necessity right now

If you’re not in the mood to make dinner and you’re a real foodie, look no further. We’re about to tempt you with some of the most popular places in the Smithdown area so you can get your fix fast. During times like these, a takeaway at the weekend is one of the only things to look forward to. So, The Tab is helping you to choose carefully; one that doesn’t hit the spot could probably ruin your week, trust me.

An upside of lockdown is that we can still show support for some of our favourite dine-in restaurants that are still open for takeaway, just in the comfort of our own homes. Many long-standing restaurants have had to adapt to take-aways in order to survive the recent months, so we should make an effort to show our support.

Bored with asking your mates what they want and hearing: “I don’t mind, you choose”? Stress no more, we’ve got you. Here are some of our most treasured takeaways of L15:

Maggie Fu

An unbelievably tasty Asian street-food restaurant based on Penny Lane, Maggie Fu has continued to provide for us during the pandemic, whether eating-in or at home.

When they’re open for sitting-in, the queues to get in are understandably endless but worth the wait, all due to the food being so incredibly tasty. An elite Chinese takeaway providing meat, rice, noodles, everything you’ve ever craved within the Asian cuisine.

They cater for everybody by bringing us their own take on traditional favourites such as salt and pepper and crispy chilli beef, all whilst continuing the delicious-ness by serving dumplings, ramen bowls, curries and so much more.

Food from Maggie Fu is available for pick-up or delivery, all you need to do is call up to place an order.

To tempt you even more so take a look at their Instagram page, you won’t be disappointed: @maggiefuliverpool.

The Tavern

Providing home-delivery and take-out, The Tavern has been a long-term favourite around Smithdown.

@tavernco on Instagram

Also based on Penny Lane, they bring us a multitude of delicious dishes giving the ultimate American diner vibes. They cater for both breakfast and dinner, fulfilling all our needs (sober and hungover).

For breakfast, you can choose from a full-English breakfast to Nutella pancakes. Alternatively, the American breakfast bagels and Mexican breakfast tacos are absolutely to die for if you’re feeling in the mood for something a bit spicey. Similarly, dinner at The Tavern merges tex-mex American dishes with tapas-style small plates, ribs, burritos and milkshakes on the side. Give it a go and thank me later.

Greenbank Fish Bar

A well-loved classic. You may have already found yourself here at Greenbank Fish Bar a few times already after a few drinks at the Brookhouse across the road.

An absolutely delicious chippy with banging curry sauce and a vast menu that is able to meet all of your needs.

Pizza, kebab, fish and chips just to name a few. It’s the best chippy I’ve been to in Liverpool, hands-down. I mean, a good battered sausage for £1.50? No complaints.

Midnight Delivery

If you’re craving something sweet, this is where to go. Based on Smithdown Road, Midnight Delivery provides desserts delivered right to your door.

Heavenly choices of milkshake flavours and insanely good tasting cookie dough, it won’t disappoint. They’re sure to have all of your desired flavours, boasting favourites from Kinder to Reese’s Pieces. Mark my word- this is the best place for your sweet treats in L15.

To order and check out their menu, download their app here or check out their Instagram: themidnightdelivery.

Friends Pizza House

I’m always hearing amazing things about this place and how this is a go-to for pizza-lovers.

Trustworthy and dependable, Friends Pizza House really is like a true friend – they’ll be there for you when you need their help to get you through Sunday when you’re absolutely hanging. Incredibly scrumptious and very student-budget friendly, you’ll barely notice a dent in your loan with food from this godsend.

Loaded Burgers

Words cannot express how much Loaded Burgers on Smithdown Road absolutely nails the perfect burger.

There are so many amazing choices on their menu: From buttermilk chicken and beef burgers to breakfast burgers with sausages and hash browns.

Also, burgers aren’t their only delicacy- treat yourself to some yummy sides like cheesy nachos and wings. Feeling crazy? Get some loaded Texas dirty fries. Got a sweet tooth? Grab a shake too. The options to satisfy your cravings are infinite here, so be sure to give them a thought when ordering your next takeaway.

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