Immie Khan

Immie Khan
Liverpool University

Campus culture and lifestyle, crime journalism, University of Liverpool creative scene, student advice and tips, student nightlife

  • Immie is a student writer at The Tab Liverpool, who creates guides and writes stories that are aimed towards all university students across Liverpool
  • Immie enjoys writing and aims to do a Masters in Journalism after graduating. Her journalistic areas of interest float between the continuum of serious and lighthearted articles. Immie uses her knowledge of Criminology and Sociology to make students aware of matters pertaining to their welfare, and how to make the…
  • Immie loves anything creative — hence why she writes for The Tab Liverpool! She is predominantly interested in music, cinema and longs to travel (even though she has never been on a plane!)


Immie Khan joined The Tab Liverpool in November 2023. She has always been interested in anything journalism-related and is keen to start writing for The Tab.


Immie is currently in her second year studying Criminology at the University of Liverpool, writing stories on multifaceted topics such as crime, alongside her Criminology degree.


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