The votes are in: Meet the winner of Liverpool’s BNOC 2021

Please bow down to the official Biggest Name on Campus

This year’s BNOC competition has been tough, but only one winner could prevail, and that winner is Jake Fletcher, a first-year law student at UoL.

Originally nominated for launching a snowball at a security guards face, Jake has since provided us with endless laughs through his wild clubbing stories and witty humour, and he is ecstatic to be crowned the people’s favourite. In fact, he even made a little celebration video for us:

Jake also told us he was “absolutely over the moon” to be crowned BNOC, even going as far to say “who needs a Law degree when you can quite simply tell any employer that you were Liverpool’s BNOC?”. The achievement really does speak for itself, I’m sure he’ll pridefully display it at the top of his CV alongside the claim that he “hasn’t been able to make a girl finish in 19 years.”

We asked Jake how he was going to celebrate this massive win, to which he simply replied that he was going to do what he does best, and wind people up. He detailed his master plan to “take down and scan all the posters of the halls staff team around my accommodation and then replace them with edited posters of their lookalikes and watch the confusion unfold.” Sounds like absolute chaos, a mission only someone with the bravery of a BNOC could handle. We salute you, Jake Fletcher.

Clearly Jake celebrated in style

As the winner of Liverpool’s BNOC, Jake explained to us that it really has changed his life. Since the BNOC win, he’s flaunted his humorous side by joking about taking the fancy of ITV scouts, proclaiming “I have been offered a spot on Love Island, with the producers telling me they’ve never encountered such masculinity, nor had a contestant with a body that screams alpha male quite as much as mine.” Well, Jake, if we see you on our tellies in Mallorca this year, you’ll have the whole of Liverpool routing for you, I’m sure. Just don’t embarrass us and get binned off in the first week, please.

He also gave a special thanks to Rosie Mellon, who unfortunately lost out in the final, for “actually providing some competition”, saying it made the experience much more exciting by having a competitor at his level, but it was a “shame about the other lad though..”, do we sense a bit of tension between these two perhaps?

Thank you to everyone who voted and made this competition arguably the most exciting Liverpool has ever seen, and a big congratulations to Jake Fletcher, The BNOC 2021 of Liverpool, and also our hearts.

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