Why the Guild is feminist af

And why that’s amazing #GRL PWR

Freshers’ Week in first year versus third year: the key differences

You can guess who’s going to the naff Icebreaker event

Here are all the things you can do during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool that aren’t clubbing

Brunch is the best tequila recovery method

The Dos and Don’ts of living with Scousers

Those Scouse memes actually may come in handy

A pro-life charity have been rejected from having a stall at Liverpool’s Freshers’ Fair

Liverpool is one of three UK SUs to ban the charity from their Freshers’ Fair

A fresher died after UoL ignored appeals for help following suicide attempt

Ceara’s request for mental health help went unanswered due to overstretched staff and industrial action

How to look fresh for Liverpool freshers

Fix up, look sharp.

There’s a ‘Learn to Dance like Theresa May Day’ coming up in Liverpool

Just in case you needed some moves for Heebies

Elderly couple become the University of Liverpool’s oldest graduates

Couple goals af

These are all the most unlikely friends you’ll make during your time in Liverpool

They’re gonna be nothing like your mates from home, trust us

A comprehensive survival guide to going out in Liverpool

From how to host pres to where to get drunk food

Campaign group plaster Liverpool with ‘transphobic’ stickers saying ‘women don’t have penises’

‘Biology is not bigotry. Gender is a social construct’

Here are the warning signs your new university flatmates are complete and utter dicks

Ah, university: Alcohol, lectures, and snakes.

A cereal and board game cafe is set to open on Smithdown Road

Yet another reason not to bother with Kenny

This is how to throw the ultimate pres during freshers, and what you need to avoid

Because nobody wants to go to a school disco

Abercomby Square to screen The Greatest Showman at open air cinema

South campus is going to ‘Come Alive’ in more ways than one this freshers week

The cringiest posts from the Liverpool freshers page and group chat

Who’s ready to meet the fresh meat on campus?

We’ve composed a collection of some of the best art work from the Baltic Triangle

It’s why Liverpool is perfect for art students

These are the things you should do under no circumstances EVER during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool

Nobody cares that you have a Maths A-Level

What would your Liverpool halls be if they were a Wetherspoons pitcher?

What they forgot to tell you on the open day, clearly

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