Which meme is your Liverpool fresher hall?

Just in case you were wondering, which you obviously were

Guild petition launched calling for gender quotas in the Student Officer elections

The petition calls for 50% of the officer team to be reserved for women, trans people and non-binary people

Student begins crowdfunding to help Liverpool legend get stolen belongings returned

Someone stole his belongings on a train

The Chuckle Brothers are coming to Level this Bank Holiday Sunday


From Tom Zanetti to the White Rose Centre: Everything you’ll know if you’re from Leeds

L double E D S

Your high street Ladies’ Day lookbook

How to dress to impress at Aintree this year

Exclusive: We spoke to the student attacked by a man on Bold Street, while passers-by did nothing

Dance student Lauren was punched in the face at around 8pm on Sunday night

Liverpool bus fares are now even more expensive

“Should change your name to rip off Arriva”

I don’t see nothing wrong with a little clubbers of the week


VIDEO: 699 bus driver fighting member of public at Carnatic Halls

You can hear the cyclist shouting “Let go, I said let go”

Harry Anderson to return to guild to supervise all-male student officer team

His shock return was decided by the Guild staff

Fiesta Bombarda announce huge names for summer Palm House dates

Third years, it’s your last chance to attend 🙁

It’s time to admit it: Kelly’s is the best pub on Smithdown

It’s far better than the Brookhouse

We know the type of person you are based on the colour of your Raz cap

£3 on the door means we know you so much more

University of Liverpool beats LJMU in the varsity again


BREAKING: mass brawl breaks out at Liverpool Varsity football match

It happened during the men’s 1st team football match

The £5 cash point on campus is the gift that keeps on giving

£5 cash me outside

We had some questions for Cool It, and they answered

Turns out they’re pretty funny guys